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Back to One, Episode 177: Ruth Negga

Photo: Justin Coit

Ruth Negga loves words. And even someone who doesn’t particularly love words falls in love with the ones spoken by Ruth Negga. It’s not just her Irish accent. She uses words like a master craftsman uses tools. A profound humbleness. No pretension. Just the right tool, used at the right time, to make you understand, to make you believe. Obviously this goes for her acting work too. But, in true master-craftsman-style, there’s no sign of craft. You just believe. Loving got her an Academy Award nomination, her Hamlet got raves on both sides of the pond, and now Passing, Rebecca Hall’s stunning debut as a director, has them talking about Negga’s work again, this time opposite the wonderful Tessa Thompson. In this episode, she talks about why it was so easy to work with Thompson, why she trusted Hall immediately, the importance of gauging the atmosphere of a project, the secret of playing an intoxicating character, and much much more. Passing is playing in theaters now and on Netflix November 12th.

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