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“The Experimental Works I Was Already Creating Had Huge Potential to Invent a New Form of Immersive Global Filmmaking” | Joe Hunting, We Met in Virtual Reality

A still from We Met in Virtual RealityA still from We Met in Virtual Reality. (Photo: Joe Hunting)

The last two years have prompted much contemplation and reconsideration of the reasons why we make our films as well as the ways in which we make them. What aspect of your filmmaking—whether in your creative process, the way you finance your films, your production methodology or the way you relate to your audience—did you have to reinvent in order to make and complete the film you are bringing to the festival this year?

I began my filmmaking journey inside social VR during the fall of 2018, not foreseeing how valuable that endeavor would be. When the pandemic hit, it was obvious to me that the experimental works I was already creating had huge potential to invent a new form of immersive global filmmaking, inside social VR. The beauty of this film is that I didn’t have to change my course, I just had to trust the concept and my solid virtual production methods. The success of We Met in Virtual Reality has brought me a lot of inspiration, and I look forward to financing the next production made inside VR with more stability and recognition from the industry.

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