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Watch Now: Short Films from the Filmfort Film Festival

Filmmaker is happy to partner with the Filmfort Film Festival, part of the Treefort Music Fest, by exclusively hosting selections from their online showcase. These films will stream exclusively here on the site through Saturday. This year five films travel from the caves of Italy to interior mindscapes to places in between.

You can watch all the films embedded below, and check out the rest of the lineup at Filmfort.

Cyllinder Day
dir. Milly Cohen
2021, USA, 3 mins

As the whole town rejoices around a maypole to celebrate the arrival of spring, this tradition holds a dark underlying secret.

dir. Cecilia Pignocchi, Arthur Couvat
2021, Italy, 14 mins

Nestled among the cliffs of Italy’s Adriatic coast lies a series of man-made caves, carved over generations by a group of fishermen known as the “Grottaroli.” Every morning a remaining handful of them, now in their 70s and 80s, descend steep paths to their caves to continue their craft. Down there, the sound of the waves becomes one with the ticking of time, as the last of the grottaroli reflect on their love for the sea.

dir. Lana Bregar
2021, Slovenia, 15 mins
(password: 2021bloo106e)

An adolescent girl tries to dream about memories of Mother while having to be physically present in the surrounding farm with grandmother.

Telos or Bust
dir. Brad Abrahams
2021, USA, 15 mins

Ascended masters, new religions, inner earth cities, crystals and lost continents. Immerse yourself in the confluence of strange myths and beliefs of the citizens of Mount Shasta, California.

Winter’s Kickflip
dir. Zach Weintraub
2021, USA, 16 mins

A flailing father-to-be panics at the idea that a glorious moment from his past may now be inaccessibly distant.

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