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DOC NYC Announces the Main Slate for Its 2022 Edition

Reid Davenport's I Didn't See You ThereReid Davenport's I Didn't See You There

DOC NYC, the largest documentary film festival in the U.S., has announced its main programming slate. The festival will run in-person from November 9-17 at the IFC Center, SVA Theatre and Cinépolis Chelsea. The festival will continue online through November 27 after the in-person portion concludes.

The 2022 lineup features 101 feature-length documentaries, including 15 Short List titles that have yet to be announced. The thirteenth edition of the festival features more than 200 films in total—29 world premieres at 27 U.S. premieres among them —as well as several events, with filmmakers regularly in attendance. Many popular competition categories and specific sections return this year. The Kaleidoscope Competition for new essayistic and formally adventurous documentaries continues into its second year, alongside the festival’s long-standing Metropolis Competition, which showcases New York stories and personalities. Sections that specifically spotlight documentaries about music, sports, activism and the arts will also reappear.

“We are proud to be presenting such an incredible array of outstanding work in this year’s Main Slate,” said Jaie Laplante, the festival’s new artistic director, in a press release. “These films, representing the diverse perspectives of our programming team, showcase significant premieres from major veterans alongside discoveries of emerging voices.”

The festival’s three feature senior programmers are Ruth Somalo on Kaleidoscope, Karen McMullen on Metropolis and Sonic Cinema, and Brandon Harrison on Game Face Cinema. They select other festival titles alongside feature associate programmers Bedatri Choudhury and Kim Garcia, who oversee the Investigations and Fight the Power sections. Samah Ali is the festival’s Shorts programmer, working with associate programmers DeWitt Davis and Robert John Torres. The programming team is supported by program manager Anita Raswant.

New to the festival this year is the Odyssey Impact® award that, with the support of Paramount and its initiative Content for Change Academy, will present a $10,000 cash prize and an Odyssey Impact® led six-month National Impact Campaign to one eligible short film that has “a social justice theme and a strong call to action.”

Another addition to DOC NYC in 2022 is the previously announced Meet the Press Film Festival, a one-day showcase on Tuesday, November 15 that features screenings and conversations that pair filmmakers with NBC News correspondents.

Find a breakdown of this year’s extensive program below. For more information about screenings and to keep on top of imminent announcements and festival updates, visit DOC NYC’s official website.



Opening Night

Maya and the Wave (US Premiere)

Director: Stephanie Johnes

Producers: Stephanie Johnes, Jorge Leal

Filmmaker Stephanie Johnes’ thrilling documentary follows world-champion Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira, who battles against monster waves as well as sexism in the male-dominated field of competitive surfing.


Closing Night

The Conspiracy (World Premiere)

Director: Maxim Pozdorovkin

Producers: Allison Stern, Caroline Hirsch, Joe Bender, Dan Cogan 

A bold, visually striking animated documentary that traces the origins of the insidious conspiracy theory that Jews have a plot to control the world, and charts how such antisemitic ideas persist today.


Centerpiece Screening

Cirque du Soleil: Without a Net (World Premiere)

Director: Dawn Porter

Producers: Dawn Porter, Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, Mark Burnett, Barry Poznick

The world’s most famous circus prepares to remount its flagship show more than a year after an abrupt global shut-down, and performers and crew members face uncertainty as they prepare to return to the stage.


Centerpiece Screening

Gumbo Coalition (World Premiere)

Director: Barbara Kopple

Producers: Barbara Kopple, David Cassidy, Williams Cole, Ray Nowosielski

Two-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple follows two visionary leaders of the AfricanAmerican and Latinx American communities as they fight for racial justice in the Trump – and COVID – era.


Pre-Festival Tribute Screening (Tuesday, Nov. 8)

The Fire Within: Requiem for Katia and Maurice Krafft

Director: Werner Herzog

Producers: Pete Lown, Alexandre Soullier

Werner Herzog brings his distinct perspective to the lives of the French volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft.


Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage? (World Premiere)

Director: Anne McCabe

Producers: Jana Edelbaum, Rachel Cohen

Beloved Tony Award®-winning actress and singer Idina Menzel juggles the challenges of being a working mom with a grueling travel schedule, all while preparing to finally realize her dream: headlining a concert at the world-famous Madison Square Garden in her hometown of New York City. (Disney+)


Theater of Thought (NYC Premiere)

Director: Werner Herzog

Producer: Ariel Leon Isocovitch 

After traveling the world, Werner Herzog, at age 80, explores the mysteries of the brain through interviews with cutting-edge researchers.


The Volcano: Rescue From Whakaari (NYC Premiere)

Director: Rory Kennedy

Producers: Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes, Dallas Brennan Rexer, Mark Bailey, Rory Kennedy 

A riveting retelling of the survivors and rescuers from the 2019 New Zealand White Island volcano disaster. (Netflix)


While We Watched (US Premiere)

Director: Vinay Shukla

Producers: Vinay Shukla, Khusboo Ranka, Luke Moody

Filmmaker Vinay Shukla gives shape to the melancholy and fear the daily news brings into our screens and lives, in India and all over the world.



26.2 to Life (World Premiere)

Director: Christine Yoo

Producers: Hella Winston, Carolyn Mao, Sara Sluke

Three incarcerated men find purpose through running the world’s most unique marathon: 105 laps around the yard of San Quentin State Prison.


The 50 (World Premiere)

Director: Brenton Gieser

Producers: Traci Lewis, Brenton Gieser, Estevan Padilla, Audrey Gloeckner, Zena Hanna, Colette Kessler

Fifty men embark on a journey of healing and radical change as the California prison system’s first-ever inmate substance abuse counselors.


1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted a Culture (World Premiere)

Director: Sharon “Rocky” Roggio

Producers: Sharon “Rocky” Roggio, Jena Serbu

Seeking the origins of homophobia in the Christian church, two LGBTQIA+ activists make a ground-breaking discovery: an erroneous translation of the word “homosexual” in the Bible.


Cabin Music (World Premiere)

Director: James Carson

Producers: James Carson, Kwesi Collisson, Kerry Gilfillan 

Inspired by his travels and love of nature, a young pianist creates a dynamic new musical form.


Casa Susanna (US Premiere)

Director: Sébastien Lifshitz

Producer: Muriel Meynard

In the sexually repressive atmosphere of the 1950s and early ’60s, a clandestine haven for cross-dressers in a Catskills resort becomes an important early chapter in the history of trans identity. (PBS-American Experience)


Coldwater Kitchen (World Premiere)

Directors: Brian Kaufman, Mark Kurlyandchik

Producers: Steve Byrne, Kathy Kieliszewski, Nicole Avery

In Coldwater, Michigan’s Lakeland Correctional Facility, Chef Jimmy Lee Hill leads a highly regarded program where prisoners find a renewed sense of purpose through the culinary arts.


Dear Thirteen (World Premiere)

Director: Alexis Neophytides

Producers: Alexis Neophytides, Trina Rodriguez, Alex Murawski

In their own words, this tender, illuminating look into the lives of nine 13-year-olds from around the world reveals who they really are.


Dusty & Stones (World Premiere)

Director: Jesse Rudoy

Producer: Melissa Adeyemo

A road trip through the American South, a story of the trials and triumphs of a duo of touring country music singers from the unlikeliest of places—Swaziland. 


Loan Wolves (World Premiere)

Director: Blake Zeff

Producers: Jake Abraham, Neda Armian, Jeff Hasler, Ron Nyswaner, Blake Zeff

Blake Ziff thoroughly investigates the student debt crisis, leading us on a humorous and informative journey to its unexpected roots. (MSNBC)


Love in the Time of Fentanyl (US Premiere)

Director: Colin Askey

Producers: Monika Navarro, Robinder Uppal, Marc Serpa Francoeur

With fentanyl overdose deaths at an all-time high in Vancouver, Canada, the Overdose Prevention Society creates a safe injection site to save lives and support their community.


Who Is Stan Smith? (World Premiere)

Director: Danny Lee

Producers: Philip Byron, Danny Lee, Rebecca Halpern

A lyrical and emotional adventure through time and pop culture, charting the extraordinary life of Stan Smith, the tennis legend and his namesake sneaker that has graced the feet of everyone from John Lennon to Jay-Z. 



African Moot (US Premiere)

Director: Shameela Seedat

Producers: Shameela Seedat, Francois Verster, Don Edkins, Tiny Mungwe, Juha Lopponen, Venla Hellstedt

The best and brightest young law students from across the African continent come together to show off their legal knowledge and oratory skills in the annual African Human Rights Moot Court Competition.


Big Fight in Little Chinatown (World Premiere)

Director: Karen Cho

Producer: Bob Moore

After the pandemic and harmful city redevelopment plans, Chinatowns in New York, Montreal and Vancouver resist by innovating new ways to keep their culture and communities thriving. 


Children of Las Brisas (North American Premiere)

Director: Marianela Maldonado

Producers: Luisa De La Ville, Luc Martin-Gousset, Andy Glynne

Three children in a Venezuela in economic collapse channel their pain and joy into classical music as part of a unique government-sponsored program, El Sistema.


Closed Circuit (International Premiere)

Director: Tal Inbar

Producers: Tal Becher, Yoav Zeevi, Omri Uzrad, Nancy Spielberg

Through the sharing of memories, Arab and Jewish survivors of a 2016 Tel Aviv terrorist attack confront unthinkable trauma. 


Destiny (World Premiere)

Director: Yaser Talebi

Producers: Elaheh Nobakht, Yaser Talebi

After the death of her mother, 18-year-old Sahar takes care of her mentally disabled father in an isolated village in Iran while dreaming of university, volleyball and Instagram.


Fati’s Choice (North American Premiere)

Director: Fatimah Dadzie

Producers: Hamid Yakub, Tiny Mungwe

After surviving a perilous migration to Europe, a Ghanaian mother returns to her village to reunite with her children, meeting disdain from her family and neighbors.


Girl Gang (US Premiere)

Director: Susanne Regina Meures

Producers: Christian Frei

German teen Leonie and her parents seize the economic opportunities of social media fame, but at what cost?


The Hamlet Syndrome (North American Premiere)

Directors: Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosolowski

Producers: Magdalena Kaminksa, Agata Szymanska

A group of young eastern Ukrainian actors create a unique stage production of Hamlet, through which they process their own personal experiences of the war with Russia.


The Hermit of Treig (US Premiere)

Director: Lizzie MackEnzie

Producer: Naomi Spiro

A spirited elderly hermit and a young filmmaker forge a 10-year friendship, as the hermit navigates his declining health and questions his ability to continue living in the wilderness.


How To Save a Dead Friend (US Premiere)

Director: Marusya Syroechkovskaya

Producers: Ksenia Gapchenko, Mario Adamson

A grunge love story between a suicidal 16-year-old Russian girl and a fellow lost soul, filmed over 12 years under the shadow of Putin’s regime.


Ithaka (North American Premiere)

Director: Ben Lawrence

Producers: Gabriel Shipton, Adrian Devant

An emotional tale of the personal as political as Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, campaigns to free his son from unforgiving political and carceral systems.


Lázaro and the Shark: Cuba Under the Surface (World Premiere)

Director: William Sobourin O’Reilly

Producer: Bryan Bailey

Among rival conga bands in Santiago de Cuba, tensions build and tempers flare as marketplace realities and political frustrations come to bear on one of the world’s poorest Carnivals.




Fragments of Paradise (NYC Premiere)

Director: KD Davison

Producers: KD Davison, Elyse Frenchman, Leanne Cherundolo, Matthew O. Henderson

The story of the legendary godfather of avant-garde cinema, Jonas Mekas, is told largely through his own words, revealing his dedication to the transformative power of independent film.


In Search of Bengali Harlem (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Vivek Bald, Alaudin Ullah

Producer: Susannah Ludwig

An uncovering of mid-20th century Harlem history that provokes a rethinking of our notions of immigration and who is really an American.


Photographic Justice: The Corky Lee Story (World Premiere)

Director: Jennifer Takaki

Producers: George Hirose, Hillary Hirose, Lily M. Fan

Beloved Chinese American photojournalist Corky Lee brought art and politics together through his decades documenting the Asian experience in America.


Queen of the Deuce (World Premiere)

Director: Valerie Kontakos

Producers: Ed Barreveld, Valerie Kontakos, Despina Pavlaki

Through her ownership of 24-hour porn theaters in 1970’s NYC, Greek immigrant and unconventional matriarch Chelly Wilson rose to riches as the “Queen of the Deuce.”


Roberta (World Premiere)

Director: Antonino D’Ambrosio

Producers: Michael Tyner, Ythrya Dinzey-Flores, Axel Caballero

A marvelous monument to the singular and unclassifiable musical genius that is Roberta Flack.




Dark Light Voyage (US Premiere)

Directors: Tin Dirdamal, Eva Cadena

Producers: Tin Dirdamal, Elena Fortes, Jorge Caballero

After a shocking discovery about the fate of a friend, director Tin Dirdamal sets out to visit him on an entrancing train ride through Vietnam with his young daughter.


For Your Own Peace of Mind, Make Your Own Museum (US Premiere)

Directors: Pilar Moreno, Ana Endara

Producer: Isabella Gálve

A self-made artist and a surrealist collector transforms her rural Panamanian home into the “Museum of Antiquities of All Species,” impacting the lives of other women struggling with the patriarchal system around them.


I’m People, I Am Nobody (World Premiere)

Director: Svetislav Dragomirović

Producers: Lorand Balazs Imre, Svetislav Dragomirović

An ex-porn performer arrested for public exposure recalls the panicked overreaction that led to his misfortune as he awaits the outcome of a Kafkaesque trial process in a Maltese prison.


It Runs in the Family (NYC Premiere)

Director: Victoria Linares

Producers: Guillermo Zouain, Wendy V. Muñoz, Victoria Linares

A filmmaker goes on a journey of self-discovery as she unearths the pioneering cinematic work of a kindred ancestor in 1950s Dominican Republic.


Mother Lode (North American Premiere)

Director: Matteo Tortone

Producers: Alexis Taillant, Nadège Labé, Margot Mecca, Benjamin Poumey

Jorge leaves his family and his moto-taxi business in the outskirts of Lima to try his luck in the most dangerous Andean gold mine in Peru. 


Our Movie (Nuestra Película) (International Premiere)

Director: Diana Bustamante

Producers: Diana Bustamante, David Hurts

Constructed from archival Colombian news footage of the ’80s and ’90s, this visceral personal essay explores the violent history that imprinted itself on the filmmaker in her formative years.


White Night (US Premiere)

Directors: Tania Ximena Ruiz, Yóllotl Alvarado

Producers: Julia Cherrier, Mónica Moreno, Julio Chavezmontes

Thirty-eight years after a Zoque village in Chiapas was destroyed by a volcano eruption, the community excavates to unearth the ancient town.




2nd Chance

Director: Ramin Bahrani

Producers: Charles Dorfman, Ramin Bahrani, Jacob Grodnik, Daniel Turcan, Johnny Galvin

Winner: Precious Gem Award for Rahmin Bahrani, Miami Film Festival 

This profile of bulletproof vest maker and low-budget movie director Richard Davis brings a unique perspective on America’s gun culture. (SHOWTIME)


After Sherman

Director: Jon-Sesrie Goff

Producers: Jon-Sesrie Goff, Blair Dorosh-Walther, Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich

Winner: Best Documentary, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 

Using personal and historical archival footage and observational and experimental techniques, this film offers a poignant polyphonic collage about how systemic racial discrimination and violence has affected generations in the South.



Directors / Producers: Paula Eiselt, Tonya Lewis Lee 

Winner: U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award: Impact for Change, Sundance Film Festival

The stories of two New York City mothers who died from childbirth-related conditions puts a spotlight on the crisis of Black maternal deaths. (Onyx Collective)


Bad Axe (NYC Premiere)

Director: David Siev 

Producers: Jude Harris, Diane Quon, Kat Vasquez, David Siev

Winner: Audience Award for Documentary & Special Jury Award for Exceptional Intimacy in Storytelling, SXSW

A biracial filmmaker captures his small-town American family’s fight for their American Dream at a time of great upheaval, and provides a microcosmic portrait of America at a pivotal moment. (IFC Films)


Freedom on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom (NYC Premiere)

Director: Evgeny Afineevsky

Producers: Evgeny Afineevsky, Will Znidaric, Ted Hope, Galyna Sadomtseva-Nabaranchuk, Shahida Tulaganova, Inna Goncharova

Winner: Kineo Award – Movie for Humanity, Venice Film Festival

An impassioned view beyond the headlines of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


A House Made of Splinters (NYC Premiere)

Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont

Producer: Monica Hellstrom   

Winner: Directing Award for World Cinema – Documentary, Sundance Film Festival

A halfway house for vulnerable children in Ukraine hangs on to survival in a world torn apart by failing policy and then war.


I Didn’t See You There

Director: Reid Davenport

Producer: Keith Wilson

Winner: Directing Award for U.S. Documentary, Sundance Film Festival

Filmmaker Reid Davenport creates a diaristic portrait of his life in a wheelchair while also reflecting on the history of the circus freak show. (POV)


In Her Hands

Directors: Tamana Ayazi, Marcel Mettelsiefen

Producers: Juan Camilo Cruz, Jonathan Schaerf

Winner: Audience Award, Camden Film Festival

In the months leading up to the Taliban takeover in 2021, one of Afghanistan’s youngest female mayors, Zarifa Ghafari, deals with danger, uncertainty and personal turmoil. (Netflix)


Kash Kash – Without Feathers We Can’t Live (NYC Premiere)

Director: Lea Najjar

Producers: Matthias Drescher, Max Brunner, Julian Haisch, Jinane Dagher

Winner: NEXT:WAVE Award, CPH: DOX

A depiction of life in Beirut through a rooftop game of luring pigeons, casting them off and eventually watching them fly away.


Riotsville, USA

Director: Sierra Pettengill

Producers: Sara Archambault, Jamila Wignot

Winner: Best Documentary, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

Industrial films made by the US military in the 1960s of dress rehearsals for riot responses are the starting point for an investigation into the rise of the massive American law-enforcement industry over the past 50 years. (Magnolia Pictures)




Master of Light (NYC Premiere)

Director: Rosa Ruth Boesten 

Producers: Roger Ross Williams, Ilja Roomans, Anousha Nzume

A self-taught classical painter is freed from prison after ten years and works to establish himself as a professional artist and a better version of himself in a new season of his life. (HBO Documentary Films)


My Sister Liv (North American Premiere)

Director: Alan Hicks

Producers: Paula DuPré Pesmen, Camilla Mazzaferro

A sobering look into the shocking reality of the current teen mental health crisis through the story of two extraordinary sisters.


My So-called High School Rank (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Ricki Stern, Annie Sundberg

Producers: Ricki Stern, Annie Sundberg, Alexander Baerti, Sarti Work

Chronicles the popularity of a high school musical, called Ranked, which captures the increasingly pressurized college admissions process. (HBO Documentary Films)


Outta the Muck (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Bhawin Suchak, Ira Mckinley

Producers: Tracy Rector, Darian Henry, Bhawin Suchak, Ira Mckinley

Family, friends and football: a slice-of-life portrait of Pahokee, Florida, a small, predominantly Black town with a beautifully strong sense of community and identity.


Sam Now (NYC Premiere)

Director: Reed Harkness

Producer: Jason Reid, Reed Harkness, Heather Hawksford, Adam Brown

A road trip through love, loss and longing told by two brothers over 25 years, using every video format imaginable.


Santa Camp (World Premiere)

Director: Nick Sweeney

Producer: Stacey Reiss

With Christmas looming, three unconventional new recruits join the jolly white, bearded, ranks of Santa Camp and shake up the image of Kris Kringle. (HBO Max)


This Much We Know (NYC Premiere)

Director: L. Frances Henderson

Producer: Keith Miller, Joey Carey, L. Frances Henderson

Through the investigation of a teenager’s tragic death, a filmmaker analyzes Las Vegas’ darkest claim to fame as America’s suicide capital.


The ʼVous (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Jack Porter Lofton, Jeff Dailey

Producers: Jack Porter Lofton, Patrick Rodgers, Amalia Eddings, Shawn Rowland, John Earney

After a milestone 70th anniversary, The Rendezvous, Memphis’ world-famous barbecue institution, grapples with the transition of the legendary family restaurant to a third generation.


Wisdom Gone Wild (NYC Premiere)

Director: Rea Tajiri

Producers: Rea Tajiri, Sian Evans

A filmmaker documents her mother’s long struggle with dementia to create an homage and a record that belongs to the collective archives of Asian American lives.




The Art of Rebellion (NYC Premiere)

Director: Libby Spears

Producers: Sam Hook, Katy Wood

An artist and single mother refuses to give into societal limitations and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis that threatens to steal her livelihood.


The End of the World (NYC Premiere)

Director: Matt Tyrnauer

Producers: Matt Tyrnauer, Corey Reeser, Dan Crane, Graham High, Andrea Lewis 

The untold history of a generation of great American writers coming out of Bennington College and the 1980s culture it epitomized. 


Kingdom of Dreams (US Premiere)

Directors: Camilla Hall, Nick Green

Producers: Darapon Vongsa-Nga, Charlotte Rodrigues, Jeanne Beker, Jeffrey Latimer, Martin Phillip, Dora Ash Sakula

Trailblazers, iconoclasts and industry titans usher in a golden era of haute couture in a high-stakes, three-decade chronicle of the rise of modern fashion.


Kobra Self-portrait (International Premiere)

Director: Lina Chamie

Producers: Lina Chamie, Vinicius Pardinho

A free-flowing, symbiotic cinematic experience of the famed Brazilian street artist Kobra’s larger-than-life outdoor murals, known for their bright colors, bold lines and peace activism themes.


Radical Landscapes (World Premiere)

Director: Elettra Fiumi

Producers: Sara Bühring, Elettra Fiumi

In trying to know her father, a filmmaker unveils the genius of visionary architect, Fabrizio Fiumi, whose radical contributions are grossly unrecognized.


Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey (US Premiere)

Director: Rob Murphy

Producers: Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith, Rob Murphy, Ros Walker

A jubilant love letter to film projection and cinema on film, and one projectionist’s efforts to ensure new generations experience the magic of both.




Hunting in Packs (NYC Premiere)

Director: Chloe Sosa-Sims

Producer: Hannah Donegan

Three fierce and charismatic female politicians from the US, the UK and Canada lead us through the ups and downs of their daily lives in this entertaining and enlightening documentary.


We Are Not Ghouls (NYC Premiere)

Director: Chris James Thompson

Producers: Jack Turner, Jessica Farrell

US Air Force JAG Attorney Yvonne Bradley defends Guantanamo detainee, Binyam Mohamed, and uncovers the harrowing truths of Guantanamo Bay and the US legal system. 


The Wind Blows the Border (US Premiere)

Director: Laura Faerman, Marina Weis

Producer: Julio Matos, Rodrigo Diaz, Luis Ludmer

On the border between Brazil and Paraguay, an indigenous activist and teacher fights alongside her community to reclaim their ancestral land against Bolsonaro-era agribusiness proponents.


A Witch Story (World Premiere)

Director: Yolanda Pividal

Producers: Yolanda Pividal, Ruth Somalo

The descendant of a woman hanged for witchcraft in Salem more than 300 years ago traces the lineage of witch hunts, real and metaphoric, to present-day patriarchal power-grabs. 




Category: Woman (International Premiere)

Director: Phyllis Ellis

Producers: Howard Fraiberg, Phyllis Ellis

Athletes of color prohibited from competition in women’s sports due to discriminatory regulations struggle for their rights.


Jeanette Lee vs. (World Premiere)

Director: Ursula Liang

Producer: Cora Atkinson

Asian American trailblazer Jeanette Lee, aka Black Widow, ruled pool halls in the ’90s and early 2000s; now she reflects on her historic legacy in the face of a recent cancer diagnosis.


Skate Dreams (NYC Premiere)

Director: Jessica Edwards

Producers: Gary Hustwit, Eric Owens

Superstars of women’s skateboarding chronicle the fight for gender equity, respect in the sport and mainstream recognition, as skateboarding makes its way into Olympic competition.


South Beach Shark Club: Legends and Lore of the South Florida Shark Hunters (NYC Premiere)

Director: Robert Requejo Ramos

Producer: Pedro Gomez

In 1970s Miami, a group of reckless teenage outcasts take up what would be a lifelong sporting passion: catching sharks.


Super Eagles ’96 (International Premiere)

Director: Yemi Bamiro

Producers: Julia Nottingham, Lia Nicholls

The Super Eagles, Nigeria’s men’s national soccer team, capture the hearts of the world with a groundbreaking run as the first African nation to win gold during the 1996 Olympic games.


Villeneuve Pironi (US Premiere)

Director: Torquil Jones

Producers:  John McKenna, Torquil Jones

The astonishing tragedy of Formula 1 legends Gilles Villenueve and Didier Pironi, forever bound by breathtaking talent, racing controversy and, ultimately, catastrophe.




The Corridors of Power (NYC Premiere)

Director: Dror Moreh

Producers: Solomon Goodman, Estelle Fialon, Yaël Fogiel, Laetitia Gonzalez, Vanessa Ciszewski

An enlightening and thorough examination of genocide and foreign US policy, filled with the insights of politicians and diplomats from various administrations over the past 40 years.


The Grab (NYC Premiere)

Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Producers: Nathan Halverson, Amanda Pike, Blye Faust, Nicole Rocklin, Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Investigative reporters peel back the cover-ups of international governments and uber-wealthy private investors as they grab control of the natural resources that will provide food and water to the world’s population for the next century and beyond.  


January 6th (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Jules Naudet, Gedeon Naudet

Producers: Isabel San Vargas, Sam Whipple

From directors Jules and Gédéon Naudet, this extraordinarily detailed account of the Capitol attack gives a minute-by-minute look into the events of January 6th. (discovery+)


The Killing of a Journalist (NYC Premiere)

Director: Matt Sarnecki

Producer: Signe Byrge Sørensen

After the brutal murder of a young investigative journalist in Slovakia, colleagues and fellow journalists use leaked case files to reveal an assassination plan linked to high members of the government.


Path of the Panther (NYC Premiere)

Director: Eric Bendick

Producers: Carlton Ward Jr., Thomas Winston, Tori Linder, Eric Bendick

A wildlife photographer charts the habitat of the elusive, endangered Florida panther to make a case against public indifference to government-sanctioned environmental destruction.


The Quiet Epidemic (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Lindsay Keys, Winslow Crane-Murdoch

Producers: Chris Hegedus, Daria Lombroso, Lindsay Keys

In 1975, the CDC and insurance companies set guidelines still used today to deny the existence of chronic Lyme disease; now a family fights for their daughter’s testing and treatment of the disease.




Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On (US Premiere)

Director: Madison Thomas

Producers: Lisa Meeches, Stephen Paniccia

Fierce and fearless, folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie—educator, Oscar winner, activist and philanthropist—has always been a woman ahead of her time. (PBS-American Masters)


Ellis (World Premiere)

Director: Sascha Just

Producers: Sascha Just, Elisabeth Kalos-Kaplan

An intimate portrait of the life and musical legacy of master pianist and composer Ellis Marsalis, patriarch of the “First Family of Jazz.”


Ennio (NYC Premiere)

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Producers: Gianni Russo, Gabriele Costa

An extraordinary portrait of the legendary composer Ennio Morricone with a treasure trove of film clips and interviews with famed directors, screenwriters, musicians, songwriters, critics and collaborators.


In the Company of Rose (World Premiere)

Director: James Lapine

Producers: Jack Shear, James Lapine, Miky Wolf

Rose Styron, the widow of the great American novelist William Styron, recounts the fascinating story of her complex life as a poet, journalist, human rights activist and life partner.


Jerry Brown: The Disrupter (NYC Premiere)

Director: Marina Zenovich

Producers: Laura Michalchyshyn, P.G. Morgan, Marina Zenovich

A look at the life and career of the two-time, four-term Governor of California, and his record of forward-thinking policymaking.


Robert Irwin: A Desert of Pure Feeling (World Premiere)

Director: Jennifer Lane

Producers: David Hollander, Jennifer Lane, Joseph Cashiola, Arne Glimcher

Legendary experimental artist Robert Irwin explores his radical career that culminates in Marfa, Texas, with a free-standing installation that challenges consumerism, human nature and technology’s mediation of the world.




Cesária Évora (NYC Premiere) 

Director: Ana Sofia Fonseca

Producers: Ana Sofia Fonseca, Irina Calado

From the tiny island nation of Cape Verde, Cesária Évora rose to global fame as the “Barefoot Diva,” enchanting the world with her mesmerizing voice.


The Elephant 6 Recording Co. (World Premiere)

Director: C.B. Stockfleth

Producers:  C.B. StockfIeth, Greg King, Lance Bangs

Out of Athens, GA in the ’90s sprung the psychedelic rock bands Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Apples in Stereo and others, all bringing a jolt of energy, fun and DIY spirit to the music scene.


Finding Her Beat (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Dawn Mikkelson, Keri Pickett

Producers:  Dawn Mikkelson, Jennifer Weir, Megan Chao Smith

Two drum masters, one Japanese and one Korean American, convene an all-female troupe to perform Taiko, the Japanese drumming art that has previously been off-limits to women.


Immediate Family (NYC Premiere)

Director: Denny Tedesco

Producers: Greg Richling, Jack Piatt, Jonathan Sheldon

Five studio musicians who worked on many of the most  iconic recordings from the 1970s to today, chart their careers behind-the-scenes in creating the music of an era.


Lee Fields: Faithful Man (NYC Premiere)

Directors: Jessamyn Ansary, Joyce Mishaan

Producers: Jessamyn Ansary, Joyce Mishaan

Former member of Kool & the Gang and sampled by A$ap Rocky, blues and soul singer Lee Fields’ career has spanned 50 years of ups and downs before reaching its current all-time high.


Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill (World Premiere)

Directors: Andy Brown, Brian Lindstrom

Producers: Peter Kenney, Brian Lindstrom

Part Janis Joplin and part Leonard Cohen, Judee Sill was a 1970s original far ahead of her time; her legacy is revived in this documentary, with contemporary artists interpreting her jaw-dropping artistry.



A showcase of the Canadian titles that are represented throughout the festival’s sections.

Co-presented by the Consulate General of Canada in New York.


Feature Films:

Big Fight in Little Chinatown

Buffy Sainte-marie: Carry It On

Cabin Music


Hunting in Packs

Love in the Time of Fentanyl

Queen of the Deuce


Short Films:

First Months of Freedom

The Goats of Monesiglio

Violet Gave Willingly



There are 67 shorts participating in the juried Shorts Competition. One short, Ghosts of Moria (Dir: Florian Elabdi, Michael Graversen/Prod: Michael Graversen) will be paired with the feature film Fati’s Choice. The remaining shorts will be part of the following 12 programs:



A glimpse into the artistic process behind brilliant creators across disciplines.

Are You Down? (Dirs/Prods: Juan Matos, Dennis Scholl)

Dream That I Had (Dir/Prod: Evelyn Lee)

Made of Light (Dir/Prod: Yannick Jamey)

Sincerely Miné Okubo (Dir/Prod: Yuka Murakami)

Theo Anthony Makes a Stool (Dir/Prod: Joe Sankus)

Tuning René Marie (Dir: Rachel Kessler/Prods: Polina Buchak, Rachel Kessler)

What Are You Looking At? (Dir/Prod: Liberty Smith)



These docs feature the dynamic relationships between humans and entertaining, sentient, magnificent animals.


Escape Artists: The Tale of Mike, Mike Jr. and Freddie (Dir: Nancy Siesel/Prods: Carol Colmenares, Nancy Siesel)

The Goats of Monesiglio (Dir: Emily Graves/Prods: Raj Dhillon, Emily Graves, AnnaCooley)

Holy Cowboys (Dir: Varun Chopra/Prods: Anna Hashmi, Varun Chopra)

Requiem for a Whale (Dir: Ido Weisman/Prod: Ido Weisman)

Strange Beasts (Dir: Darcy Prendergast/Prod: Rachel Gilkison)



Whether by nature or necessity, we find solace and support in our communities.

Motorrodillo (Dir: Alba Jaramillo/Prod: Qutaiba Barhamji, Marie-Odile Gazin, Alba Jaramillo)

This Tree Is Hostile (Dir/Prod: Hugh Clegg)

We Are Here (Dirs/Prods: Constanza Castro, Doménica Castro)

When We Dance (Dir/Prod: Nick Waters)



The backstories of unrecognized cultures.

Couchsurfing: The Rise and Demise of a Dream (Dir: Laura Gamse/Prod: Jefferson Liu)

Granny’s Sexual Life (Dirs: Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard/Prods: Boštjan Virc, Olivier Catherin, Nidia Santiago, Edwina Liard)

Ibach (Dir: Rachel Weinberg/Prod: Palmer Morse)

Once There Was a Sea… (Dir: Joanna Kozuch/Prod: BFILM)

One Kilometer By Foot (Dir: Rachel Menyuk/Prods: Rachel Menyuk, Sadie Leigh, Mel Bieler, Eric Swartz)



Our beloved city through the eyes of many.

Benny (Dirs/Prods: David Dominguez, Troy Vetri)

The Clockmaker (Dir/Prod: Hannah Rafkin)

Coming Home (Dirs: Naim Naif, Margot Bowman/Prods: Naim Naif, Margot Bowman, Meghan Doherty)

Dust Away (Dirs/Prods: Tanita Rahmani, Dea Gjinovci)

The End (Dir: Emily Sundberg/Prods: Eric Arzoian, Emily Sundberg, Jack Mankiewicz)

The (Other) 700 Club (Dir/Prod: Araque Blanco)

Piled Up (Dir/Prod: Sophia Lebowitz)

What I Had To Leave Behind (Dir/Prod: Sean David Christensen)



The inventive solutions and devastating realities of our climate crisis on film. 

Beyond the Landfill (Dir: Dewi Tan/Prod: Hwallywood Academy of Media and Arts)

Boubé of the Fulani (Dir: Félicien Assogba/Prods: Arnold Setohou, Tiny Mungwe)

Eco-Hack! (Dirs/Prods: Josh Izenberg, Brett Marty)

The Farm Under the City (Dirs: Brett Chapman, Jordan Carroll/Prods: Lewis Coates)

From Dreams to Dust (Dirs: Stephanie Tangkilisan, Muhammad Fadli/Prod: Stephanie Tangkilisan)



Stories that command attention and fight for a better future for all.

Arecibo Wants Its Telescope Back (Dir: Billy Ward/Prod: Sarah Husein)

Entering Pornland: Darren (Dir/Prod: Benjamin Nolot)

The Family Statement (Dirs: Grace Harper, Kate Stonehill/Prod: Steven Lake)

Founders (Dir: Scott Faris/Prod: Meg Griffiths)

The Monster In Our Closet (Dirs: Nicole Gormley, Kathryn Francis/Prods: Kathryn Francis, Nicole Gormley, Emily Perry)

Sentinels (Dirs/Prods: Derek Knowles, Lawrence Lerew)



Athletic feats and strong bonds build this program of physical pursuits across the globe.

Iron Sharpens Iron (Dir/Prod: John Gallen)

A Mouthful of Petrol (Dirr: Jess Kohl/Prods: Jess Kohl, Ben Col)

A New Wave (Dir: Sandra Winther/Prod: Sara Samsøe)

Shirampari: Legacies of the River (Dir: Lucía Flórez/Prod: Chémi Pérez)



This program is as meta as they come: films about filmmaking.

3 Promises (Dir: Mohamed Shalaby/Prods: Carolina Cordero, Mohamed Shalaby)

I Wonder If I’m Growing (Dir/Prod: Chris Molina)

Liturgy of Anti-Tank Obstacles (Dir: Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk/Prod: Daniel Lombroso)

Makeover Movie (Dir/Prod: Sue Ding)

Will You Look At Me (Dir/Prod: Shuli Huang)



Portraits and profiles of unique individuals with filmmaking to match.

1402 Pork ‘n’ Bean Blue (Dir: Juan Luis Matos/Prods: Amanda Bradley, Dennis Scholl)

Bendix: Site Unseen (Dir/Prod: Anthony Scalia)

First Months of Freedom (Dir/Prod: Kriss Li)

How Do You Measure A Year? (Dir/Prod: Jay Rosenblatt)

Moon Shot (Dirs/Prods: Jay Armitage, Jason Cooper)



Women share their stories from in front of, and behind, the camera.

Favorite Daughter (Dir/Prod: Dana Reilly)

Fight or Flight (Dir: Lindsey Hagen/Prods: Lindsey Hagen, Dan Riordan)

Her Scents of Pu Er (Dir/Prod: Anna-Claria Ostasenko Bogdanoff)

In Bloom (Dir/Prod: Ashley Davidson/Producers: Jeff Hurlow, Ashley Davidson)

Still Waters (Dir: Aurora Brachman/Prod: Mariales Diaz)

Violet Gave Willingly (Dir/Prod: Claire Sanford)



These films explore existential moments and grief, pushing us past pain into life beyond loss. 

Creating Things (Dirs/Prods: Bryan Simpson, Taylor Simpson)

El Bastón (Dir/Prod: Nemo Allen)

For Love and Legacy (Dir/Prod: A.K. Sandhu)

I’m Late (Dir: Sawako Kabuki/Prods: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron)

Love, Dad (Dir: Diana Cam Van Nguyen/Prods: Karolína Davidová, Tomáš Šimon)

The Return (Dir: Hena Ashraf/Prods: Hena Ashraf, Linda Nhem, Tejas Karguppikar)



Celebrating its sixth year and following editions in DC and Los Angeles, the Meet the Press Film Festival moves to New York City in 2022 to partner with DOC NYC. With its annual festival of short documentaries, Meet the Press highlights the crossover between politics, journalism and film, with screenings and conversations that bring together leading filmmakers and NBC News correspondents to shine a light on the year’s most pressing issues.


Changing the System

Changes in views over judicial accountability, drug-related crimes and systemic racism are at the root of these films, which examine how gaps in the criminal justice system can leave people behind bars for years Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and Symone Sanders-Townsend, Host of “Symone” on MSNBC.

Living While American (Dir: Sosena Solomon/Prod: Brandon Micheal Hall)

The Recall (Dir: Rebecca Richman Cohen/Prods: Rebecca Richman Cohen, Yoruba Richen, Nathaniel Hansen) (MSNBC)

The Sentence of Michael Thompson (Dirs: Kyle Thrash, Haley Elizabeth Anderson/Prods: Kyle Thrash, W. Ian Ross) (MSNBC)


My Home, My Land

Three stories about land, laws and traditions, that show us the meaning of home. Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and NBC News NOW Anchor and NBC News Correspondent Savannah Sellers.

Dear Noah: Pages From a Family Diary (Dirs: Matthew Kwiecinski, Christine Nguyen/Prods: Matthew Kwiecinski, Christine Nguyen, Yara Bishara, Marshall Crook) (NBC News Digital Docs/Focus Features)

Heart Valley (Dir: Christian Cargill/Prods: Christian Cargill, Lily Wakeley, Kiran Sidhu)

Long Line of Ladies (Dirs: Rayka Zehtabchi, Shaandiin Tome/Prods: Garrett Schiff, Rayka Zehtabchi, Sam Davis, Pimm Tripp-Allen)


Pioneering Women

Martha Mitchell and Sally Schmitt should be household names; one stood up to a president and the other helped launch the most famous restaurant in America. These films tell the stories of women who lived life on their own terms. Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and NBC News Chief Washington Correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

The Best Chef in the World (Dir/Prod: Ben Proudfoot)

The Martha Mitchell Effect (Dirs: Anne Alvergue, Debra McClutchy/Prods: Beth Levison, Judith Mizrachy)


Seeking Refuge, Finding Home

Kivu, Hong Kong, Milwaukee — people move across the globe, seeking shelter from violence and oppression. These films tell the stories of migrants from the Balkans, Iraq, China and Congo, as they resettle in cities around the world. Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and Molly O’Brien, head of documentary, NBC News Studios.

The Flagmakers (Dirs/Prods: Cynthia Wade, Sharon Liese)

Freedom Swimmer (Dir: Olivia Martin-McGuire/Prods: Brooke Tia Silcox, Ron Dyens, Olivia Martin-McGuire)

More Than I Want to Remember (Dir: Amy Bench/Prods: Amy Bench, Mugeni Ornella, Carolyn Merriman) 



Sports open the doors for stories untold. In Cleveland, a city reconsiders the meaning of a century-old mascot, and in New York, a stereotype is reformed by the electric performance of one player. Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and TODAY anchor Craig Melvin. 

38 at the Garden (Dir: Frank Chi/Prods: Travon Free, Samir Hernandez)

Deerfoot of the Diamond (Dir: Lance Edmands/Prods: Travon Free, Samir Hernandez)


When She Stands Her Ground

What happens when “universal” rights are tested by women? In Alabama, Brittany Smith’s case calls into question the purpose of “stand your ground” laws. And in Russia, activist Anastasia Shevchenko pays a heavy price for standing up to President Vladimir Putin. Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and ‘Meet the Press’ Moderator Chuck Todd.

Anastasia (Dir: Sarah McCarthy/Prods: Sasha Odynova, Sarah McCarthy)

State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith (Dir: Ryan White/Prods: Jessica Hargrave, Ryan White)




DOC NYC U features short documentaries from students across the five boroughs. Refreshed in a new format, these six programs showcase projects from Baruch College, Brooklyn College, Columbia University, CUNY, Hunter College, The New School, New York Film Academy, New York University, and School of Visual Arts. 


From intimate to platonic, love is all around us.

Bad Lesbian (Dirs/Prods: Ava Palmo, Madeline Johnson, Olivia Muse, Columbia University)

Crush Icebergs (Dir/Prod: Hannah Rafkin, School of Visual Arts)

Hare Krishna Consciousness (Dir/Prod: Jamila Yancy, The New School)

The House of Labeija (Dir/Prod: Fredgy Noël, Hunter College)

Reflection No. 1 (Dir/Prod: Jessy Price, School of Visual Arts)



Drawing from global injustices or pure love, these artists share what inspires them.

Chants of Freedom (Dir/Prod: Moksh Krishnan, The New School)

First Saké Brewery in New York (Dir/Prod: Xiaoying Su, School of Visual Arts)

Hei’er (Dir: Yehui Zhao/Prod: Andrew Felsher, Hunter College)

Light Leak (Dir: Nate Dorr/Prod: Zach Nader, Hunter College)

Oto Baya (Dir/Prod: Ketevan Beraia, New York Film Academy)

Shadow Girl (Dir/Prod: Azia Egbe, Hunter College)



A program dedicated to New York, from the eyes of the next generation.

Bach at Noon (Dir/Prod: Emma Rose Brown, Hunter College)

Black Gold (Dir: Natalie Peña Peart/Prods: Natalie Peña Peart, Phil Bertelsen, Bob Sacha, CUNY)

Breathe (Dir/Prod: Zac Norrington, The New School)

Engraved (Dir/Prod: Tiffany Jiang, The New School)

The Great Find (Dir/Prod: Cacau Araujo, The New School)

Stay the Course (Dirs/Prods: Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Teresa Cebrian Aranda, Columbia University)



Profiles of dynamic individuals both local and abroad.

At Home Among Strangers (Dir/Prod: Asya Gorbacheva, Hunter College)

Backyard Barber (Dir/Prod: Mengyu Yan, School of Visual Arts)

Everyone’s a Stranger (Dir/Prod: John Nyberg, New York Film Academy) 

The Fabricator (Dir/Prod: Frank Vitale, School of Visual Arts)

In Search of the Blue Heart (Dir/Prod: Amelia Deschamps, New York Film Academy)

Reach for the Skye (Dir: Abdullah Malik/Prod: Isaac Rodriguez, Brooklyn College)

Zoom Acting (Dir/Prod: Juwan Wyatt, Brooklyn College) 



These films share difficult stories where state sanctioned violence goes unsolved and untried across the globe.

In Between (Dir/Prod: Andrea Acosta, New York University) 

Long Way Home (Dir/Prod: Serge Kharytonau, New York University)

Surviving The Caliphate (Dir/Prod: Muna Fadhil, New York Film Academy) 

When The Pine Needles Fall (Dir/Prod: Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel, New York Film Academy)



Documentaries about the shared bonds that bring us closer as humans.

Birthing Without Fear (Dir/Prod: Jessica Brown, CUNY) 

Found (Dir: Shuhao Tse/Prods: Bo Qin, Tao Zhang, New York University)

Life With Coffee (Dir/Prod: Sohee Jeon, School of Visual Arts) 

A Place to Pray – An MSA Story (Dir/Prodr: Siddrah Alhindi, Baruch College)

Seasons (Dirs/Prods: Gabriella Canal, Michael Fearon, Columbia University) 

The Secret Sobriety Project (Dir/Prod: Claire Kinnen, Hunter College)

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