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“It’s Like an Invitation To Be Human”: Corsage Star Vicky Krieps (Back To One, Episode 233)

A white woman wears a regal up-do, smokes a cigarettes and dons a white fur-trimmed off-the-shoulder gown, complete with elbow-length white gloves.Vicky Krieps in Corsage

in Columns
on Dec 20, 2022


The last time Vicky Krieps (Phantom ThreadBergman Island) was on this podcast (episode 174), we learned about how she approaches the work through a kind of “emptying out” of herself, and a “deconstruction” of everything in her obit, even her preconceptions regarding the role. This time she’s back to talk about her astounding work in Marie Kreutzer’s film Corsage, an imaginative re-telling (or perhaps a “correcting?”) of a year in the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Krieps talks about treating the work as an invitation to play, how dealing with the coldness of the character had an effect on relationships outside of the frame, why she feels at ease when she’s lost in the reality of unknowing and much more! (Spoiler alert: Toward the end of the episode, the conversation turns to the end of the movie. And although nothing is specifically said about what exactly happens in the end, one can certainly make the case that it is a minor spoiler. All the more reason to see Corsage as soon as possible. It opens in select theaters on December 23rd.)

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