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“…That’s When Something Else Works Through Me”: The Chosen and Jesus Revolution Star Jonathan Roumie (Back To One, Episode 240)

A headshot of actor Jonathan Roumie.

Jonathan Roumie—actor, director, producer, and speaker—is best known for his award-winning role as Jesus in the groundbreaking series and global sensation, The Chosen. His new movie, the Lionsgate period drama Jesus Revolution, is based on the events of the last great spiritual revival in America. Roumie portrays the enigmatic, hippie street preacher, Lonnie Frisbee. On this episode, he gives us a peek at his in-depth approach to the work, which ranges from authentic ‘Method’ to ‘mystically inspired.’ He talks about how his occasional need for solitude on set stems from being easily distracted, why chemistry reads should be not just for romantic portrayals, how the role of Jesus has completely changed his life, and how he’s dealing with all that role demands from him. Plus much more!

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