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Here are a few articles and blog posts that caught my eye this week:

At VentureBeat, a good list titled “Eight Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business.”

At the Playlist, five cinematographers on the rise. Also over there, Jim Jarmusch talks about new projects, including one with Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska.

In the guise of a beautifully written essay about dreaming, his dad, and Roger Ebert, David Lowery announces — sort of — a new film.

At Moving Image Source, Jonathan Rosenbaum defends non-linear film criticism.

At Subtraction, Khoi Vhin talks about loving his iPad, but he has gripes. I love mine and I have the same gripes. Specifically: Safari window refreshing and the poor video caching that, for me, makes YouTube often unusable.

In our current issue, Koo wrote about the promise of Google TV. Here’s a good follow-up at the Wall Street Journal on the partner challenge the new service is facing. (Unlike many sites, for the WSJ I give you the direct, non-firewalled link!)

The BBC on digital nomads and living out of the cloud.

The job market is terrible. But there are new job categories for enterprising people willing to jump in and master them. One is the “community manager,” and Mashable has ten tips on becoming a good one.

Mark Cuban on the stock market and why he’s overweight cash.

Chris Anderson is great at the equivalent of web water-cool conversation. He’s done it again with his “The Web is Dead” piece for Wired. Everybody is talking about it but I haven’t read it yet so I won’t.

Finally, if you are a fan of Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film blog, make sure not to miss a post entitled “IMHO: Action is the Best Solution.” Ted has been a big advocate of community building, amassing fans before production, figuring out your audience outreach strategy. But in this post he also acknowledges that sometimes action in the form of seizing production opportunities takes precedence over the best-laid social media plans. Here is his lede:

I wish I could put into practice more of my recommendations and all the good ideas others have bought me. I wish I could raise money for the marketing as well as the production of my films. I wish I could plot out a six to nine month marketing & publicity campaign for my films, particularly when I don’t have a distributor to collaborate with. I wish I could slow down and take it one film at a time. I wish that I could engage in more experimental innovations that could pave the way to the future.

I believe in strategy. I am all about planning. Yet this world we are currently living in, just like the world I got my start in, requires action above anything else. We need to make this happen. We need to bring ideas into reality.

Read the whole piece. The ending is particularly strong.

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