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Discover Delaware County (Sponsored Post)

Mount Utsayantha in Delaware County

in Filmmaking
on Mar 1, 2023

Delaware County, New York. Never heard of it? Makes sense. It’s a large county in the Catskills region of New York with a rich agricultural history of farming—there are more cows than people. There are also the most idyllic rolling hills, beautiful, lush green valleys, adorable Main Streets and a wealth of true architectural gems. With a low cost of living compared to other areas in the region and state and production friendly municipalities, this a county that has enjoyed a recent explosion in production and the county is eager to bring in more.

Excited by the economic impact of everything from Oscar-nominated You Can Count on Me by Kenneth Lonergan to more recent cult classics like Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die, Delaware County has launched a film office to make it easier for film, television and advertising to work there. 

“Delaware County has made a commitment to making itself very accessible and accommodating to production of all types,” explains County Supervisor Dennis Valente who heads the Economic Development Committee of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors, the government of the County. “We welcome productions of all sizes to the area and will do everything we can do support the Great Western Catskills Film Commission office.” 

That office, which just officially opened in 2022, is headed up by Lisa Wisely, an independent film producer and production accountant who also oversees the county’s tourism program along with an advisory board of working production professionals who also call Delaware County home. 

One of those advisors is James Felix McKenney (Automatons, Hypothermia) who recently produced the film Foxhole in part in Delaware County. “Filming in Delaware County is remarkably easy,” he says. “There’s so much space up here that it’s no trouble to find the perfect location to work and accommodations for cast and crew, and one may be surprised by how many resources are available locally. There are so many talented professionals up here and no shortage of non-pros who are happy to pitch in and learn new skills. Then, of course, there’s the natural beauty of the area. The rivers, forests, hills, farms, big sky and beautiful light make this a wonderful place to shoot.”

Producer Daniel April agrees: “Bringing a movie to Delaware County was an incredible and fulfilling experience. We received great support from everyone in the area and we were able to pull off a lot of things that seemed impossible if we were closer to the city. I cannot wait to bring another project up here that we can nurture and support.”

Interested in finding a hidden gem just hours from New York City and Albany? The Great Western Catskills Film Commission office is ready to assist you. 

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