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“Yes He Was a Visionary, but He Pissed a Lot of People Off”: Spinning Gold Star Jeremy Jordan (Back To One, Episode 245)

Jeremy Jordan is probably best known for his Tony and Grammy-nominated portrayal of Jack Kelly in Newsies on Broadway, as well as his many roles on television including series regulars on CW’s Supergirl, NBC’s Smash and Disney Channel’s Tangled. And now he leads a star-studded cast as the tenacious record industry giant Neil Bogart in the epic new feature film Spinning Gold. On this episode, he talks about how finding a character’s physicality and where they hold tension informs his preparation, the importance of letting every single moment of a performance tell the story, why he’s still getting used to the non-transient nature of film, how having a child opened him in ways nothing else could, and much more.

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