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Trailer Watch: Tina Satter’s Sidney Sweeney-Starring Reality

The trailer arrives today for Reality, the feature debut of writer-director Tina Satter, who was profiled in our annual 25 New Faces of Film series last year. The film stars Sydney Sweeney as the titular Reality Winner, the NSA contractor who in 2017 was accused of and arrested for leaking classified documents about Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections to The Intercept. All of the dialogue in Reality is mined from the real-life transcript of her interrogation over the course of a tense afternoon.

In his interview with Satter ahead of the film’s premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, Scott Macaulay commented on the effectiveness of Sweeney’s performance:

As Winner, Sidney Sweeney is a cool revelation. If her Cassie Howard in Euphoria has, over the course of two seasons, been driven to increasingly emotional heights by the series’s storyline, here Sweeney skillfully achieves the opposite, compellingly portraying a normal woman in extraordinary circumstances for whom breaking down could place her life in jeopardy.

Reality will hit the streamer Max on May 29.

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