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“Part of What We Do as Actors Is Give It Up”: Jon Hamm (Back To One, Episode 258)

A still of actor Jon Hamm in Maggie Moore(s).

Few television show characters are more iconic than Mad Men’s Don Draper. Jon Hamm played him for 7 seasons and just might have changed television forever. Since then Hamm has ventured into film and exercised his funny muscles. Last year’s Confess, Fletch was a wonderful example of what Hamm can do with good material, and so is his latest, Maggie Moore(s), directed by his friend (and Mad Men co-star) John Slattery.  In this episode, he talks about how Slattery worked with him to establish the very specific tone of that film, and what he needs from a director in general. He details how his previous television work prepared him for Mad Men, how he didn’t let the hype of that show overwhelm him in the final season (for which he won an Emmy), plus much more.

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