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“It’s Surprisingly Difficult to Find a Closet That is Spacious Enough” | Caroline Lindy, Your Monster

A bearded man and a woman, locked in tight embrace, prepare to kiss.Tommy Dewey and Melissa Barerra in Your Monster. Courtesy of Sundance Institute. Photo by Will Stone.

Films are made of and from places: the locations they are filmed in, the settings they are meant to evoke, the geographies where they are imagined and worked on. What place tells its own story about your film, whether a particularly challenging location that required production ingenuity or a map reference that inspired you personally, politically or creatively? 

For Your Monster, a magical and spooky love story between a young woman and the monster in her closet, finding the right closet was critical to the mission of the film. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a closet that is spacious enough to house large camera equipment and crew members. The movie is set in New York but was filmed in charming Hoboken, New Jersey, right across the Hudson from the West Village. We searched every apartment/house/brownstone to find the perfect closet where we’d meet our monster. One of my favorite memories is seeing a group of adults crowding into a tiny child’s closet to critically assess its viability as a shooting location for a feature film.

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