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“The Biggest Inspiration for Me Making This Film at All Was Maria’s Blog” | Silje Evensmo Jacobsen, A New Kind of Wilderness

A blond, shirtless young boy sits in a forest, arms outstretched toward the sun.A New Kind of Wilderness Photo by Maria Gros Vatne.

Films are made of and from places: the locations they are filmed in, the settings they are meant to evoke, the geographies where they are imagined and worked on. What place tells its own story about your film, whether a particularly challenging location that required production ingenuity or a map reference that inspired you personally, politically or creatively?

The biggest inspiration for me making this film at all was Maria’s blog, where she was telling the story of her family’s journey towards being wild and free. She inspired me so much both when it comes to storytelling, and visually with her intimate and beautiful photos of her children in their everyday lives in nature.

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