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Paramount’s Micro-Budget Division Releases First Trailer

in Filmmaking
on Oct 26, 2010

Remember that Paramount micro-budget division, Insurge, announced in the wake of Paranormal Activity‘s big success? The one we all got excited about? Well, the company has released the first trailer from its first production, and it is embedded below.


Pamela McClintock has an update on the company in Variety. (Note: paywall.) From her piece:

At the time, the studio said it was committing $1 million for Insurge to produce or acquire 10 films with budgets of $100,000 each. But if the industry expected Insurge to be a traditional division, operating under traditional rules, it was wrong.

Half a year later, Insurge is hard to define. Most labels come out of the gate armed with several projects. Not Insurge.

And it’s not at all clear whether the label will stick to its $100,000 mandate, which proved to be trickier than simply greenlighting 10 more installments of “Paranormal Activity,” the microbudget breakout hit that fueled the banner’s inception.

So far the division has announced just one homegrown production, the 3D concert docu “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” which hits theaters on Valentine’s Day. One thing’s clear: For Insurge, much is riding on the B.O. perf of that pic.

Anyone who thought that Insurge might be funding the next wave of indie auteurs is looking a little bit right now like Charlie Brown just after Lucy has yanked the football away.

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