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in Filmmaking
on Jun 17, 2004

In our effort to present to you, our dear readers, with links and contacts you won’t find elsewhere, I present the following sincere e-mail received by a reader of this blog, who has crafted a Flash animation site promoting both herself and Keanu Reeves and The Matrix:

“Hello, first congratulations for your website :-)

I present myself: I am a 36 year old young woman, impassioned by the cinema, Internet and Flashmx.

I invite you, by the present one, to come to visit my 4 galleries of

animated photographs, dedicated to the Matrix trilogy and Mister Keanu

Reeves, on the homepage of my website to the following address:


Of course, my dream would be to work exclusively for the cinema and the

television, but that depends on the success of my work.

I thank you for making us dream and travel with the 7th art and the medias.

I will be grateful to you to give me your opinion and I thank you in


Please have my best greetings.”

Those who would like to contact Frederique will find a contact e-mail on her site.

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