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When I read the headline in today’s Variety — “Hanks a Rebel Rocker for Biopic” — I wondered what rock star Tom Hanks (or perhaps his son Colin) could be playing. So, as someone whose music knowledge is pretty good, I was surprised to read that DreamWorks has picked up the life rights to a rock figure whom I know nothing about.

According to the trade mag, the studio has bought the life story of “Dean Reed, an American singer, actor and filmmaker whose 15-year career in East Germany was halted by his mysterious death in 1986.”

Reed apparently became a star in South America in the 1960s, was deported from Argentina due to his political views and, after being invited to Leipzig to guest at a documentary film festival, wound up living in East Germany for the rest of his life.

If there are any Reed cultists out there, please post some info on him below.

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