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on Nov 5, 2004

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If you work in the film industry, there’s a point every year in which you scan through your Palm Pilot or Treo or old-fashioned rolodex and realize that so many of your colleagues have left the business. Some of them you know their whereabouts; you’ve gotten a cheery card announcing their latest endeavors. But so many others just fade away.

Someone who hasn’t faded away is former Time Warner chief Gerald Levin according to Maria Bartiromo, whose “Closing Bell” piece on Levin and his new venture I caught while channel surfing today.

Several years after the murder of his son, his divorce, and his departure from AOL/Time Warner, where he engineered the unhappy merger between the two companies, Levin has, with his ex-CAA agent fiance Laurie Perlman, opened the Moonview Sanctuary. Described by Fortune magazine as an “ultra-chic mental health clinic for high-profile millionaires,” the center, as seen on CNBC, is a modish blend of New Age stylings and boutique-hotel creature comforts — Bali by way of Brentwood. With Levin living testimony to Perlman’s therapeutic skills, the center’s programs are designed for stressed-out individuals with high profiles in the mass media who are experiencing life crises.

Writes Fortune’s Barney Gimbel, “Perlman dreamed up Moonview some six years ago as a place where celebrities could receive treatment by people who understand the unique stresses brought on by being in the public eye…. Moonview’s highly personalized approach allows clients ‘to explore and begin to resolve core issues on a deeper level.’ There’s even a special treatment program for families of celebrities on trial (perfect for the families of Kobe Bryant or Martha Stewart, says Perlman). The 30-room facility is nonresidential: Clients stay at home or in a nearby hotel, and after their treatment return for three two-day follow-ups.”

Moonview’s programs include “everything from traditional psychoanalysis to acupuncture, neurofeedback and even sex therapy.” The cost to join Moonview — “a sanctuary of calm and order in a world of chaos, pressure and fear?” $175,000 a year.

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