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in Filmmaking
on Nov 19, 2004


David Poland’s Moviecity News links to this interesting interview with Mark Cuban in Business 2.0 in which the Broadcast.com, 2929, and HDNet founder (and Dallas Mavericks owner) concisely lays out his long-term vision as a digital distributor and content supplier. It’s a good read as it clearly lays out in one short article the thinking that informs Cuban’s business ventures, which include the producer of low-budget indie HD films, HDNet. Cuban disparages the DVD format (he believes they’ll be replaced by higher quality presentations delivered via satellite and broadband and stored on hard drives) and, in one great quote, dismisses all the current handwringing over digital piracy:

“It’s all bullshit,” he said. “A bunch of pathetic excuses. I personally have more than half a billion dollars invested in content. And I’m a lot less worried about piracy than I am about technological communism. I don’t want Orrin Hatch’s ‘help.’ I want technology unconstrained. Because if technology wins, content companies will benefit dramatically, like they always have.”

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