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in Filmmaking
on Feb 10, 2005


Making its way through the blogosphere (through sites like Moviecity News) is this link to a website run by an anonymous “Manager Guy” who posts the strangest, wackiest or lamest query letters he receives online for everyone to laugh at or, hopefully, learn from.

As a producer myself, I could forward Manager Guy a bunch of doozies I’ve received, but it’s not like he’s short of content. Check out his site to read pitches like this one:

“‘Marriage is a great cover.

Emmanuelle can’t hold a job. She is chosen to become a mail order bride to infiltrate a spy ring of mail order brides stealing national secrets. She is trained. Emmanuelle marries a rich businessman whose company has access to nuclear weapon storage. She stops a bombing at a nuclear facility just in time.

Miss Congeniality meets La Femme Nikita.'”

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