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Via Slash Film is this very cool machinima feature by Mathieu Wechsler that’s entirely comprised of shards from Rock Star Games’ Grand Theft Auto 4. Rock Star has given the film a page on their site, summarizing:

The “trashmaster” divides his time between collecting garbage and cleaning up other forms of trash fouling up New York City’s streets: dealers, small-time criminals… When the dancers in his favourite strip club are mysteriously killed, the trashmaster finds himself hot on the trail of a particularly twisted serial killer.

Apparently Wechsler spent two years on the project. I have it playing in the background as I type this and haven’t gotten to the end yet… but having spent some time on the streets of Liberty City myself, it’s crazy watching a newly imagined narrative arising from it. Check it out below.

The trashmaster (nouvelle version nouvelle voix-off !)
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