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“MAD BASTARDS” | co-writer-director, Brendan Fletcher

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Monday, Jan. 24, 6:00 pm — Egyptian Theatre]

The biggest surprise for me in making this movie is the emotional power of the finished product. As someone with a strong documentary background, making this movie opened my eyes to how powerful the dramatic narrative arc can be when you get it right.

We took so many risks on so many levels that I guess I’m still amazed that all the pieces have come together and that the end result gels so beautifully with the music. The performances are a big part of this too — they’re really raw because the actors are first timers playing characters very close to themselves. These guys laid themselves out bare and even I was surprised at how strongly that registers in the final cut.

We went through some very tough times making this film in such a remote location and using real people… but I’m just really happily surprised that we’ve come out the other side with something that plays so well and feels very original.

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