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Director Caveh Zahedi talks with braintrustdv.com about his latest feature I Am A Sex Addict, which screens next week at the Tribeca Film Festival:

“The film is a portrait of a sex addict, and the women are seen through his eyes.

“The film never pretends that what we are seeing is the truth about these women. If anything, it implies just the opposite. What’s clear in the film is that he is unable to see them clearly and projects his own needs onto them. We, as viewers, can see that his view of them is entirely delusional. In this sense, I feel that the film is absolutely anti-objectification — only rather than showing strong women or fully developed female characters, the film shows the consequences of objectification. This is also a very Hegelian idea — that you have to go through the stages of history to get to the end of history.”

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