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The guys over at Ain’t It Cool News have been creaming over Michael Davis’s Shoot ‘Em Up, an action pic set up at New Line starring Clive Owen. First the site’s Moriaty posted an interview with Davis in which the writer/director traces the interesting and circuitous route he took to being the town’s new go-to action guy. (Jeffrey Welles has also written about Davis in a fascinating career study that explains how a 44-year-old direct-to-video guy came to helm a big-budget A-list actioner.) And today, Moriaty links to the Latino Review which has a detailed script review and, most importantly, Quicktime files of the 1700-image animatic Davis drew by hand and took in to New Line to get the job. Filmmakers looking for illustrations of how to pitch their projects should check out Davis’s work. (Moriaty also throws some props to New Line exec Jeff Katz, who he credits with reeling in a bunch of exciting new projects for the studio.)

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