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Somehow Filmmaker‘s proprietary search engine which scours the web to collect all manner of breaking indie film news missed the following announcement, which did not escape the sharp eye of The Reeler:

R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet is now out on DVD.

For those of you going “huh?”, think back to this year’s MTV Music Video Awards and that mid-show detour to Off-Broadway featuring pop star R. Kelly rapping, singing and emoting a tale of infidelity, bisexuality and a megastar hiding in a closet. Explains the publicist of the 12-part DVD film compilation, “What began as a simple music video has become a cultural, cliff-hanging phenomenon. From the first airing of the four-minute video for ‘Chapter 1’ of R&B superstar R. Kelly’s song cycle, Trapped in the Closet, the broadcast of each successive new ‘episode’ went on to become a nationally-awaited event. The two people responsible for turning an unprecedented labor-of-love ‘urban opera’ from one of pop music’s biggest names into a cinematic mini-epic are independent producer Ann Carli and maverick director Jim Swaffield.” The release goes on to quote the makers discussing how they convinced Kelly to forget the world of music video and make an “actual independent film.”

The Reeler says that his “tongue is not in [his] cheek,” and neither is mine. Trapped in the Closet should be in video stores now.

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