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in Filmmaking
on Feb 18, 2011

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At the Los Angeles New Music Seminar yesterday Ian Rogers from the fulfillment service Topspin gave a talk titled “Getting Practical: a Step-by-Step Sales Plan to Building an Online Sales Plan That Works.” Topspin has posted the PowerPoint slides on its website. The specific plan is oriented towards musicians, but Topspin services filmmakers too, and there’s relevant info here for those looking to build an online business. It’s all about converting casual listeners to fans and followers, getting them to throw down for the swanky merch and not just the buck downloads, and there are recommendations here for maintaining a fan site — i.e. do something small (like a blog post) a day and something big (like an EP) a month. Like I said, it doesn’t all apply to filmmakers… but, then again, I’d love it if a favorite filmmaker gave me one great short a month. (Oh, wait, that’s what Sparrow Songs did…) Anyway, you can check out Rogers’ presentation here.

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