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in Filmmaking
on Feb 23, 2006


There’s an eccentric tracking of life and movies through ticket stubs posted by Mike over at Botsko.net. Having collected all his movie ticket stubs for six years, he puts their data in a spreadsheet and analyzes his moviegoing habits through dating, Fandango, ticket price increases, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the birth of his child.

One of his conclusions: he wound up paying more for movies he liked:

What’s interesting though is that the average price I paid per ticket reflects my opinion of the movie. The better I rated the movie, the more I paid on average to see it. I paid about $5.65 for a ticket to see a movie I didn’t enjoy, and about $7.00 to see one that I loved. Obviously I’m excellent at predicting which movies I will enjoy, and I’m willing to spend money on higher priced tickets to see it sooner rather than later. Only two of these ninety-nine movies were advanced screenings, roughly ten of the them we saw on opening day (estimated), and the rest we saw within a few weeks of their release.

Thanks to Kottke for the link.

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