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“HEART OF TIME” writer-director, Alberto Cortés

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, Jan. 16, 3:00 pm — Screening Room, Sundance Resort]

Film has always been affected by diverse forces; many times has its near death been foreseen before the arrival of a new media, but today, more than 100 years from the invention of the cinematographer, cinema is still very similar to how it all began: celluloid, light and emotions on the screen with moving images in a dark room. The story of Heart of Time comes from inside the life of a rural community, a simple love story that is developed within the fight and the resistance of the modern Zapatistas. This led me to create this film with the essentials of film: the authenticity of who is in front of the camera and the honesty of who is behind. In this case, the rest is artifice.

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