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“YOU WONT MISS ME” co-writer-director, Ry Russo-Young

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, Jan. 16, 11:30 pm — Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City]

I think everything affected the film from Obama to YouTube to my hopes of making a movie without thinking too much. I tried to just run with ideas, people, locations and not be so self-conscious this time around. I was very proud of Orphans (my first film) but in a way You Wont Miss Me was a reaction to making such a restrained movie. This time I wanted to make a movie that could only be made RIGHT NOW. That would scream of the times that we live in. So I used five different formats to capture a 23-year-old misfit named Shelly Brown. The portrait is rendered in fragments and as these pieces add up, a larger image of the character emerges.

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