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in Filmmaking
on May 25, 2006

Writer Dennis Cooper has a lively blog with well-composed daily postings and interaction with a community of over 50 active posters and respondents. Today Cooper does one of his periodic celebrations of great cultural figures with “Jacques Tati Day,” a collection of links to such items as the original trailer for Playtime, a Spanish-language dubbed scene from Mon Oncle, Tati’s amazing official website, an excerpt from Forza Bastia 1978 ou l’ile en fete, a controversial unfinished film purportedly by Tati, and much, much more. Further on down the blog page there’s a bunch of other film stuff, including a fascinating collection of posts about cultural works, many of them films, that terrified Cooper; a ranking of horror films; and a “Film Day” in which all of Cooper’s posters recommend their favorite online films.

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