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in Filmmaking
on Jun 2, 2006

Over at Green Cine — yes the site also has a collection of great original material as well as its excellent daily collection of links — Thomas Logoreci interviews Jay and Mark Duplass, whose The Puffy Chair opens today in San Francisco, Austin, Berkeley, Boston, Portland and DC.

In the piece, they talk a little bit about what they are doing next:

Jay: We’re trying to do a relationship movie in a horror genre. We’re not sure that it’s going to work, but we’re going to make it anyway.

Mark: There’s some trepidation, but we do feel very confident in our ability to make movies about the minutia of [life for] middle-class white people. When we failed in the past, I’d go back to my Linda Seger books and think I must be not doing something right. I don’t even think about the three-act structure anymore. Now, I think very instinctually and just trust that I’ve watched thousands and thousands of movies.

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