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in Filmmaking
on Jun 30, 2006

Filmmaker Michael Kang has taken up a novel and interesting approach to promoting his new film, The Motel. He’s started a blog featuring personal stories sharing the theme of his movie: Puberty Sucks. (Well, that’s not what I’d guess the theme of the movie is, because it’s really a quite winning coming-of-age tale, but then again, stories about people’s rotten childhoods are always entertaining…)

Here’s from his first posting:

Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry the place is a bit sparse right now. I started this site not only because of my stunted emtional state but also because of the response over the past year to my film The Motel. It seems that I am not alone in being permanently scarred by those formative years when hormones decide to kill the innocence of youth. So blogging about it just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

This is just the beginning and I promise to share with you some of the great comically tragic events of my teenage years here as well as hopefully get some of my friends to write about some of their own experiences. I will also be posting up submissions if you have any particularly embarassing, tragic, funny stories.

And here’s from a recent post titled Hankie Pankie:

He liked to be called Hankie Pankie. In Rhode Island, that was the closest it came to trying to come up with a cool nickname. Even then, we knew it was retarded. He was a nieghborhood kid. But I never knew exactly where he lived. He just seemed to always be hanging around. And always with Jimmy. They were a team. Hankie Pankie wore wife-beaters and had a caterpillar fuzz mustache. Jimmy always seemed to be clad in a denim jacket that had magic marker band names on it. These were the neighborhood bullies.

The Motel opened this week at New York’s Film Forum.

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