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in Filmmaking
on Jul 13, 2006

In The New York Times, Felicia Lee reports on artist Chris Moukarbel, whose art riff on Oliver Stone’s 9/11 film got him sued by Paramount Pictures, as we have blogged about extensively below.

Moukarbel currently has a related artwork up this month at Chelsea’s Wallspace Gallery (the new artwork uses no materials appropriated from Stone’s work) and, the article says, is hopefully near a settlement.

From the piece:

After a temporary restraining order was placed on the distribution and showing of his video (part of a thesis project for his Master of Fine Arts at Yale), Mr. Moukarbel went ahead and produced another for Wallspace. For his new 13-minute video, he used film of the two actors in the first video while they were waiting for direction and getting into character. It has no dialogue except for the banter between the actors and off-camera direction from Mr. Moukarbel.

Mr. Moukarbel, 28, who graduated from Yale in May, said his new video was intended to capture the art of performance and to serve as commentary on his plight. “I had to put together a project to reflect on the old project but also stand in its own right,” he said.

Chris Klatell, a lawyer for Mr. Moukarbel, said yesterday: “We’ve reached a settlement in principle with Paramount that we hope to finalize. Chris is in full compliance with the temporary restraining order. The new video doesn’t have any dialogue or any elements of the ‘World Trade Center’ screenplay.”

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