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in Filmmaking
on Jul 20, 2006

Reuters has an article up announcing the official and long-expected shutdown of Section 8, Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney’s production company, and Clooney’s formation of a new company, Smoke House, which will be based at Warner’s.

As always, Clooney is great with a quote:

The shutting down of Section Eight came about partly because the business aspect of the company was starting to weigh down the filmmakers.

“We decided that three years ago, the minute it becomes a business we’re going to get out,” Clooney said in January. “It doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to make films, it doesn’t mean that Steven and I won’t continue to work together either. You’ve got to thin the herd after awhile and start again, so it’s not all meetings about posters and contracts.”

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