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in Filmmaking
on Aug 26, 2006

If you want to read some great and diverse film writing, I really recommend you check out Stu Van Airsdale’s The Reeler this week. While Stu travels to L.A., he’s asked a great group of New York film people to guest-blog, and so far, each writer has really risen to the challenge.

Check out Stu’s blog and read: Andrew Wagner posting from the editing room of his new feature; James Ponsoldt on MOMA’s Dada show and the art movement’s relationship to contemporary comedy; author Lauren Wissot on Roman Polanski’s foot fetish; AMMI curator David Schwartz on Jacques Rivette; Eric Kohn on Jonathan Rosenbaum; Cinecultist Karen Wilson on fall movies; Lewis Beale on the resurgence of hot Jewish babes; Cinekink’s Lisa Vandever on the connection between sex and narrative; and a lot, lot more. (Apologies to all the great people I didn’t list above.)

You’ve only got a few more days before Stu returns with his own great writing, so check out the replacements while they are still fresh.

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