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“COLD SOULS” writer-director, Sophie Barthes

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Saturday, Jan. 17, 5:15 pm — Racquet Club, Park City]

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I still believe that watching a film should be a collective experience in the darkness of a movie theater, with the viewer floating in a mental state somewhere between consciousness and sleep. I feel that filmmaking as a creative process and as a medium is very close to the process of dreaming. A film is an association of images outside of our control interacting with our memories and emotions. So by replacing the big screen with miniature devices, we’re losing an aspect of cinema that to me is essential. I cannot separate the story from its visual execution and the search for aesthetic pleasure. What would be the aesthetical impact of screening movies on iPhones or small portable devices? Does it mean that we’ll have to shoot mostly extreme close-ups? Hopefully the ritual of going to the movies will survive. Now that I think about it, a true technological progress would be blocking cell phone reception in movie theaters so audiences would actually focus and watch movies without text messaging or blogging at the same time.

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