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in Filmmaking
on Oct 29, 2006

Here’ s someone — typically, not a narrative feature filmmaker — who has figured out how to build a big audience on YouTube with a series of entertaining no-budget films designed especially for the web. Marco Tempest is a magician who has created a fresh persona quite different from David Blaine and Cris Angel. He presents his tricks as entertaining puzzles which he’ll occasionally let you in on, and his YouTube channel contains dozens of clips made for international television and the Microsoft Network in Japan. In his most popular creations, the PhoneCan Magic series (also available as free videopodcasts on iTunes), Tempest creates short, 90 second or so visual illusions which are filmed entirely on his cell phone and which do not feature any camera tricks or editing. He occasionally posts “exposed” clips which detail how the effects are done. Below is one entitled “The Kiss.”

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