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in Filmmaking
on Nov 8, 2006

In Sharon Swart’s piece on the major agency indie financing units in our Spring issue, Endeavor’s Graham Taylor discussed his work philosophy:

“I’m not interested in setting up financing so people can just collect fees,” adds Endeavor’s independent packaging agent, Graham Taylor. “It’s about the artists owning their films and truly benefiting when the films work. People have the misperception that packaging is only about attaching talent and finding financing. It’s a much lengthier process. It’s about development and taking it all the way through ancillary markets. Even on the indie side, you have to be connected to the marketing and distribution for the life of the film.” Taylor says he tries to build possible sequels, TV applications, stage adaptations, game and mobile content options into deals. “We’re not myopic about packaging,” he says. “I’m more interested in what works creatively for the filmmakers. We combine our clients with other agencies’ clients. I think I push that more than others. I try not to be precious about it; I’d just like to see more films get made.”

Now, Dana Harris in Variety reports that Taylor has been tapped to head an expanded indie financing division at Endeavor going by the name of Endeavor Independent. A new Endeavor agent, Mark Ankner, who came to the agency from the repping house Traction Media, will join Taylor in the new unit.

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