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on Dec 14, 2006

Below is the list of feature film projects accepted to the annual Sundance Institute’s Screenwriters Lab. The Lab, which has grown to become as prominent in the indie world as the Festival, has an impressive list of past projects including Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Requiem For A Dream and Raising Victor Vargas. And in January recent projects from the Lab like Four Sheets To The Wind, Red Road and Year of the Fish will have their moment to shine as they all will be playing at the Festival.

The projects selected for the 2007 January Screenwriters Lab are:

THE BOOK OF INTERNAL GRAMMAR/Nir Bergman, writer/director, (Israel)
Set in the early 1960’s, THE BOOK OF INTERNAL GRAMMAR tells the story of ten-year-old Aaron, son of holocaust survivors, who struggles to cross the elusive boundary from childhood to maturity despite his body’s refusal to grow.

CIRCUMSTANCE/Maryam Keshavarz, writer/director, (U.S.A./Iran)
CIRCUMSTANCE tells the story of how a single event – a soldier’s death at the Iran/Iraq border – irrevocably connects the lives of four people across continents.

COLD SOULS/Sophie Barthes, writer/director, (U.S.A.)
In the midst of an existential crisis, a famous American actor stumbles upon a Soul Storage, a private lab offering New Yorkers a relief from the burden of their souls.

DOG SECURITY/Jorge Gaggero, writer/director, (Argentina)
In a society that fosters fear and paranoia, a family takes measures to protect their home only to find themselves mirroring the violence they were trying to escape.

THE GIRL/David Riker, writer/director, (U.S.A.)
A young mother from South Texas is thrown into an unexpected and life-changing journey when her attempt to smuggle immigrants across the border goes terribly wrong.

GREEN/Peter Craig, writer/director, (U.S.A.)
Gil Green, whose only accomplishments in the past two decades are smoker’s lung and an orange belt in karate, has his life completely disrupted by his presumed-dead brother, who returns home after a 19 year absence with some highly ambitious plans.

HAITI CHERIE/Patricia Benoit, writer/director, (U.S.A./Haiti)
Three refugees from Haiti start a new life in the United States, but shedding the past is impossible when it is marred by torture and violence.

HERE/Braden King, co-writer/director, (U.S.A.), Dani Valent, co-writer (Australia)
Real and imaginary landscapes merge as a solitary satellite mapping engineer charts the Armenian countryside with an expatriate art photographer revisiting her homeland.

JESSE SANCHEZ: AN IMPERFECT LIFE/John Leguizamo, writer/director, (U.S.A.)
Adapted from Leguizamo’s solo stage show SEXAHOLIC, JESSE SANCHEZ: AN IMPERFECT LIFE is a comedic portrait of a suicidal artist as he looks back at his life and tries to figure out where he went wrong.

SPOONS/Eric Lahey, writer/director, (U.S.A.)
SPOONS tells the story of the relationship between a heroin addict and his young son; during a reunion after years of separation, the two men realize that no matter how far you move from the present, you never live that far away from the past.

TSHEPANG/Lara Foot Newton and Gerhard Marx, co-writers/co-directors, (South Africa)
A devastating portrayal of child abuse in rural South Africa, TSHEPANG is a vivid portrait of a town cut off by poverty from its own heart.

WATER & POWER/Richard Montoya, writer (U.S.A.)
Twin brothers nicknamed “Water” and “Power” from the Eastside streets of Los Angeles rise through the city’s political and police ranks to become players in a complex and dangerous web of Los Angeles’ powerful and corrupt.

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