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in Filmmaking
on Feb 20, 2007

After posting about the Coudal Partners Kubrick page, below, I received an email alerting me to this link, which isn’t collated on the Coudal site. It’s from Cinefile Video, and it’s a true Kubrick oddity.

Here’s how the site describes it:

Somewhere a few months ago, our fearful Cinefile leader Hadrian read the soundtrack album for Full Metal Jacket had on it a track where R. Lee Ermey did a boot camp rap over a cheesy ’80s backing beat. Of course we had to hear it right away…

Turns out that it isn’t so much Ermey on the mic than it is dialogue clips from the film layed over said cheesy ’80s backing beat, with a shredding guitar solo in the middle. The music for the whole film is credited to “Abigail Mead”, which is a pseudonym for Vivian Kubrick, Stanley’s daughter. Nigel Goulding is just some studio musician hack, we guess.

In addition to being on the soundtrack album, this song was released on its own as a 12? single!

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