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Against the Current | Writer/Director Peter Callahan

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Sunday, Jan. 18, 8:30 pm — Library Center Theatre, Park City]

The whole point of independent filmmaking, in my mind, is to do something original, something challenging, and not to try and cater to whatever the whims of the current marketplace may be. If one is fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to make a film, I think the goal should be, “How can I make the best movie possible?” not “What do I think will sell in today’s marketplace?”

So I did my best not to worry about anything other than making a good film and telling an honest story. Being true to the story and the characters was the only real guideline; maintaining the integrity of the film was always the most important thing. I think a filmmaker needs to try and shut out any outside noise that can interfere with that and always remember to be bold and fearless and make choices that are true to their vision. To me that’s independent filmmaking at its best.

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