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in Filmmaking
on Apr 19, 2007

From the very cool folks at Coolhunting comes this posting about a great online music archive.

The French website La Blogotheque is posting a series of “take away shows” which feature musicians doing impromptu gigs on streets, in parks, or, in the case of Arcade Fire, in an elevator.

Here’s Coolhunting:

(Take-Away Shows) are a collection of live, unedited videos of musicians playing in unusual settings. The artists’ unpredictable interaction with the environment and the reactions of often clueless bystanders result in a genius blend of music video and reality TV.

With a sharp eye for incorporating improvised performances into unexpected spaces, director Vincent Moon creates and captures moments that appear natural and effortless, even ordinary or commonplace. It’s as if we’re being let in on a secret that all around us everyday life is infused with spontaneous musicality.

And here’s Arcade Fire doing “Neon Bible.” (Watch below or go to the page to download for your iPod.)

#41 – Arcade Fire – Neon Bible & Wake Up
Uploaded by lablogotheque
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