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Mark Romanek’s KIA ad, which was debuted on last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, got a lot of online buzz today. Just caught up with it now, and it is somewhat… weird.

From Entertainment Weekly:

With the help of choreographers Rich & Tone, a group of “great dancers from the East and West coast” and computer animation, Romanek had the resources to bring the latest chapter of those jamming hamsters to the small screen. “The key was making the dance great,” said Romanek. Of course, they’d need a great song to dance to. Romanek explained that while there were a lot of choices for which song to use in the early stages, it was LFMAO’s chart-topping club smash “Party Rock Anthem” that became the obvious choice for what the hamsters and robots would dance to. “We all gravitated towards this one. It was the big song of the summer.”

… As the VMA winner put it, “You don’t see a lot of surrealism on television, this [kind of commercial] amuses people.”

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