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in Filmmaking
on Jun 29, 2007

Over at his blog, Scott Kirsner says he wants to avoid getting sucked into the iPhone media vortex but has failed. He links to two articles, , one in Variety, where he discusses Apple’s Fair Play DRM and how the company has created a “closed loop” in which it will be difficult for other content providers to sell media for the iPhone platform.

Still, there’s enough in Kirsner’s article and elsewhere to make me think that the iPhone will be more successful than some think as a movie platform. In his piece Kirsner talks to Jim Flynn, chief exec of the site EZ Takes, which sells non-DRM-encoded films like Super Size Me which can play on the device. And, he ends with a quote from Flynn who says that, just as consumers can rip a DVD and load it into their video iPod, movies can be placed on the iPhone with basic hacking skills. “I could train a money to do it,” he says.

Kirsner also links to this article on GigaOM by Om Malik in which it is reported that there may soon be a way for you to watch videos downloaded from the aggressively positioned movie site Jaman on the similarly guarded Apple TV device:

The folks at Jaman have developed a plug-in of sorts for AppleTV that basically installs on the AppleTV box, and allows your PC/Mac to find and sync content from Jaman’s client to Apple’s box. It still maintains its copyright protected status, and 7-day-rental policy. For legal reasons Gaurav Dhillon refused to talk about how they did the hack, but said Google is your friend… your will find the answer.

Jaman has done a great job of (unofficially) integrating their service with AppleTV, and the experience was as seamless as say YouTube. But more importantly, the visual quality on a big screen plasma screen was stunning… scratch that, breath taking, when compared to Apple’s own video offerings. I think Apple should give this product their blessing and give people a good reason to buy AppleTV, which is still a hobby according to Steve Jobs.

For more iPhone news, Boing Boing has an excellent round-up of links, Playboy is first-up in the adult industry with iPlayboy, Playmate wallpaper for your phone, the The iPhone Blog is running overtime to keep up with all the news, and Ray Pride uses the occasion of the iPhone’s release to pen a romantic ode to old-fashioned theater going.

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