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on Mar 24, 2008

The Tribeca Film Institute announced the projects for its 2008 Tribeca All Access program today. The program is designed to “help foster relationships between film industry executives and filmmakers from traditionally underrepresented communities,” according the the press release. Tribeca All Access will provide the filmmakers workshops and opportunities to present their works in one-on-one meetings with more than 100 potential investors, development executives, producers and agents. The six-day event will take place during the Tribeca Film Festival in late April.

The 37 narrative and documentary projects selected (the largest showing ever) are listed below.


Bardos, Anslem Richardson (Writer)
Two family men are forced to continuously alternate fates after a tragic car accident – while one family lives, the other’s must die – but what happens when one of them is no longer willing to give up his wife and children?

Billy Bones: A Cautionary Tale for Adults, Deborah Chow (Writer/Director)
Left behind at school by her divorced parents, Isabel walks into the path of a stranger who whisks her away to a world where frightening reality and fantasy clash.

The Conqueror, Alka Raghuram (Writer/Director)
When an old feud between two villages brings tragedy to his family, a young boy must decide whether to avenge his loss or try to break the painful cycle of violence.

Creve Couer, MO, Marilyn Agrelo (Director); Stephanie Sanditz (Writer); Mia Riverton (Producer); Blye Faust (Producer)
Sixteen-year-old Alex Lawry struggles to find beauty and romance in small town Missouri, while contending with her dysfunctional family, a clique of mean girls, and a local bad-boy rocker.

Darkland, Phillip Van (Writer/Director)
A thriller set in Vietnam War-era Laos, in which a young US AID worker gets swept up in a dangerous love affair with the head of a government dam building operation, who is secretly funding attacks on the villagers she works to save in order to complete his dam.

Day Dream, Rodney Evans (Writer/Director)
Take a dazzling trip to New Orleans, the home of Buddy Bolden, the forefather of modern jazz, and Billy Strayhorn, the openly gay composer of numerous Duke Ellington tunes.

$Free.99, Pete Chatmon (Writer/Director), Candice Sanchez McClaren (Co-Writer)
In a complicated bank heist, twelve hostages quickly realize that their captor is more than he appears.

Full, Nanobah Becker (Writer/Director)
Brandon, a 20-something queer Navajo living it up in New York City, is offered a chance to reconcile with his estranged brother back home.

Games Men Play (UK), John Akomfrah (Writer/Director); Lincia Daniels (Producer)
An ambitious basketball coach discovers he has a talented but wayward son and puts his life on the line to stop the youngster from killing or being killed.

Heavy Metal Indians, Nathan Young (Writer); Kade Twist (Writer)
When the path of a young and rebellious American Indian crosses with a group of strung-out misfits the coincidental collision leads to an unexpected act of violence that changes each of their lives forever.

The Infinite Life of Stuart Hornsley, L. Dana Jackson (Writer/Director); Moira Griffin (Producer)
On a mission to travel back in time to win the girl that got away, Stuart Hornsley finally completes his time machine in a race to succeed at love before his life goes totally awry in the present.

Meadowlandz, Moon Molson (Writer/Director)
With his drunken stepfather passed out in the back of his car, Markees comes face to face with the opportunity to make him disappear from his life once and for all.

Motordrome, Antonio Sosa (Writer)
The year is 1912. Two brothers leave their small South Carolina town and head north to make their dreams of racing motorcycles professionally come true.

Mudpuppy, Garret Williams (Writer/Director)
A brown comedy about a lonely man who finds love in the toilet.

Netball (Australia), Leah Purcell (Writer/Director); Bain Stewart (Producer)
In a small Queensland country town, five Aboriginal and two White female netball players are on a mission as the Maneaters from Nogrum. This is their story.

Raisins not Virgins, Sharbari Ahmed (Writer); Susan Cartsonis (Producer)
Amidst Jihads, Holy Wars, and the Manhattan skyline, a Muslim woman tries to find her faith.

Red Velvet Girls (Canada), Claudia Molina (Writer/Director); Larisa Andrews (Producer)
18-year-old Julia is under great pressure as the last pureblood Andalusian female vampire. But when her desires conflict with the ancient traditions enforced by her mother, she must battle to love and live on her own terms.

The Rhythm of Chaos, Sarah Knight (Director); Sarah Skibinski (Writer)
An alcoholic social worker merrily wreaks havoc upon the lives of a dysfunctional suburbanite couple when she decides to seek retribution for her sister’s death.

Sight Unseen (Canada), Shannon Masters (Writer); Jennifer Podemski (Producer)
A Cree teenager has a spontaneous vision that unlocks a family secret, transforming her from a lost child to a visionary young woman who brings healing to the family.

The Suffering, Aleem Hossain (Writer)
Two LAPD detectives searching for a missing informant are attacked by the mysterious residents of a remote town.

Untitled Standing Bear Project, Valerie Red Horse (Director/Producer); Bart Daly (Writer/Producer); Terry McMahon (Writer); Ross Raventos (Writer)
When a Ponca chief is denied a trial on the grounds that he is not a human being, an unlikely group of characters rallies to seek justice.

We Can, Paola Mendoza (Writer/Director); Gloria LaMorte (Writer/Director);
An immigrant mother and her two children struggle to survive in the United States and chase after their American dream after their husband and father abandons them.

White on Rice, Shawn Ku (Writer/Director); Christina Piovesan (Producer)
When his adopted mom dies, 14-year-old Ricky has to move in with his grandmother in a small whitewashed town in Oregon and start his life over.


25 To Life, Mike Brown (Director/Producer); Emily Chang (Associate Producer)
William Brawner, who has lived in secret with HIV for over two decades since a young child, seeks redemption from his promiscuous past and embarks on a new phase of life with his wife, who is HIV-negative.

Beijing Taxi, Miao Wang (Director/Producer)
Buckle your seatbelt and take a ride with three taxi drivers from Beijing, whose lives are changing at a dizzying pace along with 15 million other hosts of the 2008 Olympics.

Evolution of a Criminal, Darius Monroe (Director)
A filmmaker turns the camera on himself to find out how a sixteen-year-old honors student with a loving family turns into a bank robber, and then back to an upright citizen.

Family: The First Circle, Heather Rae (Director/Producer); Randy Redroad (Co-Producer/Editor); Russell Friedenberg (Writer)
How does the current foster care system deal with children falling at the intersection of drugs and recovery through Western and Native American traditions?

Give Up Tomorrow, Martin Syjuco (Director/Producer); Michael Collins (Co-Director/Producer); Ramona Diaz (Executive Producer)
When a teenager from a political family in the Philippines is accused of a double murder, the country’s entire judicial system is put to the test after years of alleged corruption.

Inside The Creole Mafia, Royce Osborn (Director); Roger Guenveur Smith (Producer); Steven Adams (Producer); Bob L. Johnson (Producer); Terry Scott (Producer)
Writer/Performers Roger Guenveur Smith and Mark Broyard take us through the streets of post-Katrina New Orleans as they re-enact the scenes from their play Inside the Creole Mafia in the city that inspired it.

Invisible Beauty, Bethann Hardison (Co-Director/Producer); Jeff Zimbalist (Co-Director); Selina Lewis Davidson (Producer)
An intimate look at the current fashion catwalk where black women are becoming invisible, despite the accomplishments of several black supermodels in previous decades.

Off and Running, Nicole Opper (Director); Macky Alston (Executive Producer); Sandra Itkoff (Executive Producer); Sharese Bullock (Producer)
Avery, a 17-year-old African American track star and adopted daughter of two white Jewish lesbian moms in Brooklyn, embarks on a quest to meet her birth mother in Texas.

Oscar’s Comeback, Lisa Collins (Co-Director/Producer); Mark Schwartzburt (Co-Director/Writer/Producer)
Through a unique, “mom-and-pop” style festival, a small predominantly white town in South Dakota celebrates its most famous native son, Oscar Micheaux, a pioneering African American filmmaker of the early 1900’s.

The Row, Camila Martins (Director/Producer); Alexis Beauford (Producer)
Beyond the picturesque beaches of Malibu and spotless shopping havens of Beverly Hills, we meet the men and women of a forgotten neighborhood, Skid Row.

She Wants To Be A Matador, Gemma Cubero del Barrio (Co-Director/Producer), Celeste Carrasco: (Co-Director/Producer/D.P.)
As a woman, being a matador not only means facing an angry bull charging at you at full speed, but also fighting the prejudice and preconception of gender roles.

Untitled Dafen Project, Francisco Bello (Co-Director/Producer); Tim Sternberg (Co-Director/Producer)
Decades after the making of Western style art was declared illegal in China, the suburb of Dafen finds itself a leading producer of reproduced paintings through individual and corporate commissions.

The Prime Minister, the Shah, the Ayatollah and I, Caveh Zahedi (Director)
A personal essay film about growing up Iranian-American at a time when the U.S. and Iran went from being allies to enemies.

Women On Waves, Karin Williams (Director)
Come and ride the waves with a group of women, who are carrying on the true spirit of surfing as a cultural and spiritual tradition dating back for centuries.

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