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Okay, first the exciting news: Hal Hartley has made a new film!

What’s the “but”? Well, it’s not ready quite yet. It’s in post, though, so it’s close. To help it get to the finish line, Hartley has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its final post-production. He’s also appealingly pitched his campaign as a “DVD Collector’s Edition Pre-Buy.” For $25 you’ll receive this limited edition when the film is finished. And there are other rewards too. For example, for $1,000 you can be a co-producer. That’s right, a grand gets you a very nice IMDb credit.

Here’s what Hartley writes about the project on the Kickstarter page:

It’s like this: though I set out to make a one-hour featurette, like my earlier films Surviving Desire (1992) or The Book of Life (1998), by the time I was done I thought I ought to present it as the pilot for a mini-series. Everyone seemed to think this was a great idea (television being the future of filmmaking and all…) and I had some genuine interest from television companies.

However, finally, it seems Meanwhile (the series) just isn’t what the television industry requires at the moment. But I’m very proud of this one hour film and I’m certain that people who follow what I do will dig it. My friend and collaborator of many years, DJ Mendel, gives an outstanding performance as Joe Fulton—the hardest working unsuccessful over-achiever in New York.

Consider donating to finance the film’s sound mix and the production of the DVD. Watch the film’s trailer at Hal’s site. And here’s how he describes the film’s storyline:

Meanwhile concerns Joe Fulton, a man who can do anything from fixing your sink to arranging international financing for a construction project. He produces online advertising and he’s written a big fat novel. He’s also a pretty good drummer. But success eludes him.

For Joe can’t keep himself from fixing other people’s problems. His own ambitions are constantly interrupted by his willingness and ability to go out of his way for others.

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