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in Filmmaking
on Apr 22, 2008

At his CinemaTech blog, Scott Kirsner follows up an earlier post announcing Cinetic Media’s hiring of Matt Dentler to its new digital rights division, Cinetic Rights Management, with a conversation with three of the company’s key players: Christopher Horton, COO Janet Brown, and Dentler.

(If you haven’t heard, John Sloss’s Cinetic Media has set up a new company that will represent digital media rights for independent films. They are currently contacting many indie filmmakers and producers and signing for representation films that will presumably be leveraged into digital distribution platforms ranging from internet downloads to new delivery devices like mobile phones.)

An excerpt:

Most of the deals CRM is seeing offered are so-called “consignment” deals: give us the movie, and we’ll give you a share of the revenues it produces. But CRM hopes that some films, in some digital outlets, will receive advances – especially when they’re offered to one outlet on an exclusive basis.

It can take a while for these Internet outlets to produce revenues, Horton explained. “We never tell filmmakers, we’re going to make you a heck of a lot of money through Jaman, Joost, and Netflix over the next twelve months. We’re focusing on the long-term,” he said.

A main emphasis in CRM’s dealings with filmmakers, it seems, will be helping them make sense of the growing number of digital distribution options – and freeing filmmakers up to get started on their next project, without spending years marketing their last one.

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