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in Filmmaking
on May 15, 2008

A bunch of new, mostly cinematography-related stuff has just been been posted on our main page, and I want to draw your attention to it. First there is our article in which four cinematographers discuss the creative and production decision-making behind their latest features. The dps are Ellen Kuras (currently in production on Sam Mendes’s new film for Focus Features), Tim Orr, Andrij Parekh and Sean Kirby. On the same page: Damon Smith on Ellen Kuras’s documentary, Nerahahoon.

Next is a feature called “Illuminating” in which six directors — Miguel Arteta, Pete Sollett, Miranda July (who is beginning her new feature with d.p. Ed Lachman), Kelly Reichardt, Aaron Katz and Ronald Bronstein — think about how they think about lighting when imaking their films. From Arteta:

I think lighting is intuitive. It is one of the key tools with which you can communicate with the audience. But it‘s always the balance of all the tools available to you that you have to consider. Composition, costume, performance, dialogue, casting, camera movement, music and production design are also there. I always ask myself: What is the heart of this scene? Usually that leads me to one close-up that I can totally imagine and that contains the pulse and meaning of the scene.

All this is in addition to Roberto Quezado-Dardon’s previously posted piece on the Red camera and Nick Dawson’s Director Interview (this week: Georgina Riedel). And, finally, a bunch of people emailed to thank me for posting a link to Barbara Schock’s great article from our archives on “Intelligent Script Development.” If you are a writer, producer or development exec, I really recommend it.

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