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on Oct 10, 2008

It used to be that you could share a movie you’ve seen by loaning a friend a DVD or just recommending that he or she go see it in the theater. Now, however, you can share your viewing queue. For example, I haven’t yet caught up to Mary Bronstein’s Yeast, which I missed at SXSW last year. It’s just been posted as an online premiere on Dailymotion, I’m planning to watch it this weekend, and I’m sharing it with you by embedding it here.

In an interview posted on the Linear Reflections blog, Mary talks about her impetus to make the film, citing as an inspiration Barbara Loden’s Wanda, the amazing 1970 indie which is making something of a below-the-radar resurgence these days. (In the forthcoming Filmmaker, Kelly Reichardt talks about being influenced by the film as well when making her excellent new Wendy and Lucy).

From the interview:

The film Wanda by Barbara Loden is endlessly inspiring to me. The fact that she, an actress with no filmmaking experience, had the motivation and the determination to make that movie is indescribably inspiring to me, as a person in a similar situation. The film is beautifully shot and honestly acted. There are moments in that movie that are so raw that it is startling. I can watch Wanda a million times and find things in it that I hadn’t seen before. Most inspiring is that it is not a perfect movie. But, it works. Luckily, my filmmaker husband helped me a lot, unlike Loden’s filmmaker husband, Elia Kazan.

And here’s the feature:

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