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“I AM NOT A HIPSTER” | writer-director, Destin Daniel Cretton

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, January 20 6:00 pm –Screening Room, Sundance Resort]

One of my favorite things about directing movies is getting to highlight other people’s talents. When I was ten, I was videotaping my brother’s magic tricks and sister’s one-handed cartwheels to show-off to my parents. With this film, I got to do the same thing with a new group of friends.

Last year I saw Dominic Bogart on a Chicago stage in Jersey Boys and his singing blew my mind. I also knew he had a talent for subtle, character-driven performances, so I started to think of a role that would allow him to do both. A year later I asked him to be in this movie.

I Am Not A Hipster is a story that revolves around San Diego’s indie music and art scene, a community that I fell in love with while living there for 10 years. The movie contains seven song performances, and I am no musician, so it was pretty apparent that I would have to lean on some people if there was any hope to pull it off.

I really liked the idea of making the movie alongside the San Diego community that it portrays, so we got all of our friends from that world to help us. Singer-songwriter Joel P. West wrote all the music (joelpwest.com), Hess did the artwork, Ron & Trevor kept everyone organized, Joy (my sister) & Kahana did wardrobe, Brad gave back rubs (bradkester.com), Noelle built stuff, Jared calmed the extras, Katie wrangled children, Kenny brought the bikers, and on and on. It’s difficult to imagine trying to tell this story through a less-collaborative art form, because it honestly wouldn’t exist without everyone involved.

Making I Am Not A Hipster fulfills a childhood dream of mine, mainly because it showcases the talents of so many of my closest friends and family. Being a part of this artistic team brings me more joy than I can put into words. And that is exactly why I love making movies…because it’s almost impossible to do alone.

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