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With thanks to the good folks at Kickstarter, today we debut our curated page on the crowdfunding platform. At Filmmaker Magazine on Kickstarter you’ll always find a half dozen or so projects that we believe deserve your support. These will be projects by filmmakers we support through the magazine or site (like, for example, those from our annual “25 New Faces” list), those whose work has impressed us in the past, or perhaps just those whose project descriptions are particularly compelling. And while film and video projects will, naturally, comprise the bulk of our recommendations, I hope to sprinkle in projects in other areas like technology, music and publishing. There will always be a short blurb explaining why we’ve made the pick.

We’ve launched the page with the following projects:

* Fourplay. Kyle Henry made our 25 New Faces list following his eerie, assured independent feature, Room. For the last couple of years he’s been making Fourplay, a series of shorts about sexual intimacy. As they’ve been completed they’ve played places like Outfest, Cannes and, upcoming, Sundance. This last Kickstarter campaign will underwrite final post production and go towards a major festival debut.

* The Joneses. Aviva Wishnow, whose previous production, Blank City, was a necessary chronicle of the New York No Wave scene, is producing Moby Longinotto’s documentary about a “transgender trailer park matriarch, Jheri Jones, and her two adult sons in Bible belt Mississippi.” (This project has only a few days left, so if it sounds interesting, click on the title.)

* Aunt Louisa. Filmmaker readers may remember producer Thomas Woodrow, who blogged for this site from the Sundance Producers’ Lab. After producing films like True Adolescents and Bass Ackwards, and toiling in the trenches of DIY distribution, he’s now moving over to the director’s chair. Aunt Louisa is his personal short that will go the festival route and also serve as a calling card for his and his creative team’s planned feature.

* The Doc Yard. The Doc Yard is Boston’s excellent documentary screening series that not only shows great films but also fosters a real community of non-fiction filmmakers in that town. On Kickstarter they are fundraising for their 2012 season; $50 gets you a season pass.

* God Help the Girl. Several years ago I got a call from Matador Records asking if I’d like to meet Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian. I had a short chat with him and heard his plans to make a French New Wave-inspired movie musical on the streets of Glasgow. His ideas sounded very cool, and I was happy to learn just a week ago that the project is now moving ahead, with producer Barry Mendel (Rushmore) at the helm. There are some heavy rewards here, including the gold master of the band’s Tigermilk and a cameo role in the film.

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